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Speculation Grows About the MCG Report

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By Josh Resnek

On December 12, in a Superior courtroom in Las Vegas Nevada a single judge will be hearing the merits of Steven Wynn’s lawsuit wishing to stop the release of a Massachusetts Gaming Commission investigation. Lawyers from Boston will be representing the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

If Wynn prevails, then the MGC investigation results are put on ice and they have to begin anew. Such a finding by the court for Wynn would be a potentially destructive earthquake for the city and for Wynn Resorts.

You cannot run a casino without a gaming license and so if the MGC pulls it, if Wynn Resorts cannot convince them they are “suitable” or in this case that they are not “unsuitable,” well, it is a new ballgame here in our city.

If the casino does not open in June 2019, if certain payments aren’t made or if they are late or if they will not be made at all, Everett is cooked in the short-term although the city will be OK in the long term.

Steady Stream of Opioid Overdoses Plagues City

By Josh Resnek

The identity of the 32 year old woman found dead of an opioid overdose on Thanksgiving Day on Glendale Street is being withheld by Everett Police. Police have either been unable to identify her next of kin or contact them.

Police said Tuesday that her death is being investigated by Everett Police detectives and officials in the District Attorney’s office as an overdose but that an ongoing investigation into the circumstances of her death could lead to other charges against those she was with before she died.

Police said she died inside the house on Glendale Street and was dragged from the house and dumped on the sidewalk where she was ultimately found.

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What Happens In Las Vegas Doesn’t Stay In Nevada

Inside a Superior Courtroom in Las Vegas on December 12 holds the key to the future of the casino/hotel development – right now.

If a judge inside that courtroom allows Steve Wynn’s lawsuit to prevail, then the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s long awaited judgement about whether or not Wynn Resorts will be found suitable to own the license to their project in Everett, cannot be made public.

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Taxes Are Rising and Rising

And There’s No End in Sight

If you are an Everett taxpayer, whether you own a single family home, a two family, a three family, a multifamily, an apartment house, a giant apartment house with many units, a commercial property, your tax bill is going up and up, like a balloon filled with helium released from your hand and rising higher and higher into the air.

When the balloon reaches heights it cannot be at, it deflates, or it could explode, or it is swept away by the wind and lost to eternity somewhere.

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Overdose Kills Woman; Body Dragged Into Street

By Josh Resnek

Officials in the District Attorney’s office have not yet released the name of a 32 year old woman known to the police who was found dead on the sidewalk in front of the home where she had been living on Glendale Street Thursday afternoon.

According to Everett Police, the woman likely died of a drug overdose inside the house, and was dragged outside and left on the sidewalk.

The death is being investigated as a possible homicide but details remain sketchy and police were hesitant to comment.

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