Arrest sparks reader outrage

Lone protester cuffed in front of City Hall


Everett Leader’s Facebook site was inundated with visitors over the weekend responding to the news that a protester minding his own business was arrested in front of city hall for calling attention to corruption at city hall with handmade placards he placed on the wall abutting the city walk.

At the Everett Leader Facebook page, Everett residents expressed a wide variety of thoughts about the arrest, about what instigated the arrest, and what it says about the rights of Everett citizens to protest in front of city hall.

The Everett Police Department alleges that the man arrested lunged at or attacked the DPW employee “just trying to do his job” removing the man’s posters from the sidewalk.

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DPW worker allegedly selling drugs from city truck for years


A male employee of the Everett Public Works Department has been dealing drugs from DPW vehicles, and his own vehicle, and at random locations throughout the city for several years, according to a source who wished to remain unnamed for fear of retribution.

The male DPW employee is a “huge” supporter of the mayor, according to the source.

He has recently been seen in Everett Square on several occasions holding signs for the mayor.

A DeMaria for Mayor sign is posted at his home in Everett, according to the source and verified by the Leader Herald.

The source claims the DPW employee has been selling pain killers and marijuana sold from his home and during clandestine meetings during work hours.

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Everett Police seek help to identify a person of interest in recent vandalism spree

Everett police need your help to identify a person who may be connected to a spree of vandalism including at the Zion Baptist Ministries on Broadway.

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EPD Andy Goyetche to ‘wing it’ in retirement

Happy to serve, happy to retire


If you have been here for three or four generations, then you know the Goyetche Family. It would be fairly impossible not to know the family.

The family home was on Bucknam Street when Everett was a far different place than it is today.

March 9: Maddie, Andy and Travis Goyetche on his last shift at EPD. (Courtesy photo)

There were seven brothers and sisters – and four of the Goyetches, including the late Henry Goyetche (the father), served the city of Everett as firefighters and police officers for a total service to the city of about 140 years when added up.

“My father worked three or four jobs all the time when we were growing up. He came from Canada to Everett as a young man and started the family. We all watched him do his thing as a firefighter. He enjoyed his job. He loved the city. Many of us decided to follow his example,” said Andy Goyetche.

Andy is humble. He is honest. He is one of the good guys after serving a lifetime, since he was 22, on the EPD.

Andy recently retired from the Everett Police Force after serving the city for 34 years.

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