City mum on PE teacher’s punishment

No comment on 2020 investigation, reader’s angry


An Everett Public Schools physical education teacher deemed unfit to serve unless severely reprimanded or removed from his position by an independent team of investigators lives to teach another day.

Neither the mayor, as a member of the School Committee, nor his member colleagues expressed any concerns publicly about the findings of the investigative report, which cast a harshly negative light on Jason Abruzzese.

The mayor failed to respond to the Leader Herald for comment.

No comments were forthcoming from School Committee Chair Frank Parker.

Abruzzese, the son of School Committee vice-chair Thomas Abruzzese, was arrested by Everett police for domestic abuse against his wife in 2019.

Abruzzese’s father was School Committee Chair at the time of his arrest.

A subsequent 2020 investigation into his conduct as a teacher revealed that he had been buying anabolic steroids using his EPS computer as well as using the steroids and watching hundreds of hours of movies during the workweek on the EPS computer.

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A leadership failure

The failure of the mayor and the school committee to take action following the shocking revelations an independent investigation they ordered to look into the serious misbehavior and illegal actions of a schoolteacher is a crime in itself.

The schoolteacher in question should not be teaching school in the Everett Public Schools or anywhere, for that matter, if the investigative report into the misconduct of this teacher is credible.

The report is, indeed, credible.

It is additionally incredible.

How we wonder, has the mayor and the school committee failed to discuss this issue publicly and to dismiss this schoolteacher as recommended in the independent investigative report conducted by lawyers hired by the city?

Politics has a way of clouding issues and putting off decisions that must be made.

We believe the failure of every school committeeman and woman to be counted in this situation borders on a crime against the public school students and parents of this city.

Not one school committeeman or woman has raised a question about this ongoing situation, which is reported in detail in this edition of the Leader Herald.

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No action yet on PE teacher’s discipline

JULY 5: The Madeline English School. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Parents outraged, former English phys ed instructor still has EPS job a year after calls for stiff penalties, used school computers improperly


An investigation requested one year ago by the city and the school department into the conduct of a physical education teacher, the son of the former Chair of the School Committee, determined the school District should impose serious disciplinary action on Jason Abruzzese.

The same investigation, conducted by the Law Firm of Clifford and Kenny, LLP recommended disciplinary action up to and including termination, according to a copy of the report received by the Leader Herald.

It also suggested that his EPS computer be sent to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office for investigation and possible prosecution.

One year has passed and neither the mayor, who sits as a member of the School Committee nor the School Committee, has publicly discussed the matter, which first resulted in the arrest of Abruzzese in 2019 for domestic battery on his wife and the subsequent results of the investigation of his EPS computer that followed.

Abruzzese was suspended with pay for over a year. He remains an EPS physical education teacher today.

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City launches effort for new high school

Overcrowding, population growth cited as need


The School Committee has begun the equivalent of a long march informing the state the city wishes to be considered for a new school to alleviate a serious overcrowding problem.

The overcrowding is worsening from year to year.

Everett High School is named as the school most overcrowded to satisfy the state’s requirements for application.

Thus begins what School Chairperson Frank Parker said would be a five-year process at the very least for the city.

By that time, it is likely the public schools will need seats for an extra thousand students if growth continues as it has during the past decade.

Presently at the high school, an additional 500 students are matriculating in a school built for 1600 students.

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The community deserves better

This is how School Superintendent Priya Tahliani described the lack of quorum at a meeting last week where the School Department budget is on the line.


Five members of the School Committee didn’t appear at that meeting, which was arguably, the most important of 2021 to date.

This includes the mayor, who said he really didn’t know about it. Cynthia Sarne, who does the mayor’s bidding. Millie Cardello, who bats for the mayor when he asks, and Allen Panarese, and Joseph LaMonica, who are inclined to do the mayor’s bidding for him.

Five members not attending such an important budget hearing is highly unusual.

The mayor not attending after making such a fuss that he needs to be a voting member of the School Committee is par for the course.

The others likely following his example or orders is also par for the course.

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