School Finance Task Force to Issue Report September 4 at City Hall

By Josh Resnek

City hall has announced that the School Finance Task Force will be issuing its report and findings at a joint committee of the School Committee and City Council on September 4 at city hall.

The report is expected to generate possible policy and spending changes.

However, none of the Task Force findings and or suggestions are binding.

The Task Force has apparently used the past 18 months to scrutinize closely all aspects of school spending policy in order to come up with recommendations to save money.

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— Eye on Everett —

Who Will be the Next Superintendent of Schools?

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

If everything being discussed turns out to occur in a timely fashion, there will be a new superintendent of public schools in Everett by December 31.

It is incredible to think that such a selection process can be managed and successfully completed in so short a time during this age of mind numbing bureaucracy.

The feeling some months back was that there needed to be a worldwide search if necessary to find someone, anyone, from very far away, with no connection to this city, its parents or its students and teachers, to lead the school department in the three years to come.

Over the months of inertia, a somewhat altered view has emerged among a number of the school committee members.

There is now the belief shared a by a number of school committee members that maybe Everett needs continuity more than someone new, knowing professionals who understand the city and its needs, rather than say, some from Santa Fe who comes here and very possibly never attends a football game at Everett Memorial Stadium or comes to know the difference between Glendale and Everett Squares.

Why the change of heart by some school committee members even before the process has played itself out?

Because these thinking members of the school committee understand something about the status quo here.

The status quo here is a pretty good situation for nearly everyone involved.

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Mrs. Gauthier Tossing hat into ring;Will apply for Superintendent’s Job

By Josh Resnek

Acting Superintendent of Schools Janet Gauthier is apparently set to place her name in nomination to become the next full time superintendent of schools in Everett, according to a number of School Department officials, all of whom wished to remain unnamed.

Mrs. Gauthier is the longest serving administrative employee in the Everett Public School System, with about 40 years of service.

She was named acting superintendent unanimously some months back when the former superintendent resigned.

During this time, she has steered the School Department on a true course without rancor or controversy.

Observers of the School Department all agree, “She’s done a great job.”

In recent days, Mrs. Gauthier is said to have reached out to a number of School Committee members indicating that she will be placing her name in the mix of superintendent hopefuls.

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Sports Roundup

Matthew LaMonica runs a drill at the first Pop Warner practice of the season.

By Lorenzo Recupero

The sporting landscape in Everett for the 2019-2020 season will feature many new looks, including coaching changes, rule changes, and a sports team that no longer exist.

Everett High School – The official start of the EHS sports season is coming fast and the when it gets here there will be some new faces. “We are preparing for the upcoming season and we are very excited,” said Tammy Turner, EHS Athletic Director, who noted coaching changes are abound. According to AD Tammy Turner, who has also been the head girls’ basketball coach at EHS for over two decades, the school will be inviting new head coaches for boys’ and girls’ soccer, as well as a new volleyball coach this fall. Once the school officially appoints the new head coaches, we will announce who will be taking over each role. As of now, all other coaching staff will remain the same.

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New School food Service Provider Chosen for Everett Public Schools

By Josh Resnek

Following a great deal of rancor and debate, as well as heated public meetings about choosing a new food service provider for the city’s public schools, the city’s longtime food service provider Aramark is to be replaced by the Whitson Culinary Group.

From the start of the effort to oust Aramark, the mayor has postured strongly and with great public vigor for the Whitson Group to be chosen.

In the end, Whitson appears like the better choice.

The nine member Cafeteria Committee unanimously chose Whitson over Aramark, who has served as the schools food service provider for longer than two decades.

The introduction of Whitson Culinary into the Everett public schools began in earnest in April, 2019 when a city Request for Proposal (RFP) went out. Only two food service providers responded to the RFP – Aramark and Whitson Culinary.

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