Superintendent choice about exclusion, Discrimination

Someone needs to stand up and to be heard before a vote is taken on who the next superintendent of schools is going to be.

School Committee Chair Thomas Abruzzese has all but disqualified himself with his recent rant and rave to the other 14 members of the search committee, a stern, angry warning to all those who don’t think like him to begin doing as he says or to resign.

At Wednesday evening’s meeting of the superintendent choice committee, four finalists we know of will be introduced to the public at the end of the committee’s executive session by Abruzzese. There will be apparently one fellow from Holyoke, a receiver, two applicants from Chelsea’s public schools, who were passed over for the Chelsea position, and a third fellow from Cambridge.

Abruzzese has hijacked the proceedings with his handpicked committee, which includes among others, his daughter-in-law.

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Exelon Generation Donates Robotics Kits to EHS

Generous Gift Greatly Expands Opportunities for Science Students

Executives from Exelon Generation joined students and educators inside an Everett High classroom on Thursday morning to celebrate a generous gift that enhances and expands student access to cutting-edge technology.

The donation comes in the form of eight robotics kits, totaling $12,800. The purchase greatly improves the ratio of kits-to-students and will facilitate better student learning and experience in robotics and engineering classes.

“These robotics kits will allow our students to go from groups of five to groups of two for their projects,” said math and engineering teacher Anna Seiders. “This will have a profound impact on their learning experiences. We cannot thank Exelon Generation enough for their continued support.”

Her students agree wholeheartedly.

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School chair demands allegiance; orders colleagues; my way or Highway

Calls for his resignation Follow

By Josh Resnek

An agitated, and visibly angry, School Chair Thomas Abruzzese ordered his colleagues in the school department and on the school committee to be with him or to resign in a stunning blaze of harsh and sometime incoherent comments and threats that ended the Monday night School Committee meeting at the high school.

This angry and aggressive outburst, apparently fueled by a personal matter and disputes growing out of Abruzzese’s heavy handed leadership of the superintendent search committee, brought calls for his immediate resignation from a slew of officials, administrators and school department employees, none of whom wished to be identified for fear of his retribution.

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The new Superintendent

We have been told by those who claim to know that the new school superintendent choice, whomever it will be when chosen within the next several months, will not be someone presently serving as a school superintendent.

In other words, the choice is likely to be an assistant superintendent or a principal certified to be a superintendent.

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Local Administrators Need Not Apply for Superintendent’s Position

By Josh Resnek

Although the superintendent search committee has been sworn to secrecy about its selection process, bits and pieces of information about the process have made their way out of the committee room about where the search is leading.

Little is known about exactly how many applicants have applied and where they are from.

However, this much has come into the public domain through the comments of a number of people familiar with the search, all of whom wished to remain unnamed.

Local administrators need not apply is one of the net results of decisions made last Wednesday by the search committee according to those who claim to know.

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