Ward 6 School Committee whittled to two candidates

Catherine Hicks will be facing Mike McLaughlin for the prize Ward 6 School Committee seat in November following Tuesday balloting.

Longtime School Committeeman Thomas Abruzzese did not make the cut in this hotly contested battle for the Ward 6 seat.

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Incumbents post strong results in School Committee race


At Large School Committee results revealed Cynthia Sarnie to be a powerhouse.

She scored 2,562 votes and buried just about everyone.

In second place was incumbent Samantha Lambert with 1,745.

Following her was Joe LaMonica with 1,735.

Margaret Cornelio, in her first run for the position, scored a respectable vote of 1,481.

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Tahiliani scores high marks


Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani’s evaluation for 2020-2021 came in with high marks, except for several highly sexist and personal ramblings made by an aid to the mayor and attributed to him which could pass as civil rights violations.

Tahiliani scored proficient in each and every indicator included in her evaluation, which covered instructional leadership, management and operations, family and community engagement, and professional culture.

The results of the evaluation indicate that Tahiliani is doing her job and doing it well, according to the statements of the school committee members who contributed their comments.

The mayor made comments, as expected, that leave open the door to doubt about Tahiliani’s performance.

The mayor, it is widely known in school circles, wants to replace Tahiliani.

He would prefer a submissive, white, male superintendent who he can control much more than Tahiliani, who he cannot control.

The mayor couldn’t control himself once he got going.

“Superintendent Tahilani has demonstrated that she is not receptive to or accepting of alternate points of view or opinions. A review of the recordings of School Committee meetings will illustrate that her posture, facial expressions, and other physical mannerisms visibly change during discussions and debates of issues,” an aid wrote for the mayor.

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City mum on PE teacher’s punishment

No comment on 2020 investigation, reader’s angry


An Everett Public Schools physical education teacher deemed unfit to serve unless severely reprimanded or removed from his position by an independent team of investigators lives to teach another day.

Neither the mayor, as a member of the School Committee, nor his member colleagues expressed any concerns publicly about the findings of the investigative report, which cast a harshly negative light on Jason Abruzzese.

The mayor failed to respond to the Leader Herald for comment.

No comments were forthcoming from School Committee Chair Frank Parker.

Abruzzese, the son of School Committee vice-chair Thomas Abruzzese, was arrested by Everett police for domestic abuse against his wife in 2019.

Abruzzese’s father was School Committee Chair at the time of his arrest.

A subsequent 2020 investigation into his conduct as a teacher revealed that he had been buying anabolic steroids using his EPS computer as well as using the steroids and watching hundreds of hours of movies during the workweek on the EPS computer.

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A leadership failure

The failure of the mayor and the school committee to take action following the shocking revelations an independent investigation they ordered to look into the serious misbehavior and illegal actions of a schoolteacher is a crime in itself.

The schoolteacher in question should not be teaching school in the Everett Public Schools or anywhere, for that matter, if the investigative report into the misconduct of this teacher is credible.

The report is, indeed, credible.

It is additionally incredible.

How we wonder, has the mayor and the school committee failed to discuss this issue publicly and to dismiss this schoolteacher as recommended in the independent investigative report conducted by lawyers hired by the city?

Politics has a way of clouding issues and putting off decisions that must be made.

We believe the failure of every school committeeman and woman to be counted in this situation borders on a crime against the public school students and parents of this city.

Not one school committeeman or woman has raised a question about this ongoing situation, which is reported in detail in this edition of the Leader Herald.

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