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Better or worse?

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By Josh Resnek

Many Everett folks from all walks of life who have lived in the city for the past decade or longer, have very firm ideas about the condition of the city.

Many say the city is worse off than it was ten years ago.

They complain it is more crowded, more difficult to park and drive around, and more dangerous.

Many more say it was better in the old days, when life was more predictable than it is today, when everyone’s memory point to the entire population paying attention to the law and following rules and regulations and watching out for each other.

Many say Everett is better than it was ten years ago – and they point to all the new real estate development and improvements that have been made. All the parks have been redone. New schools have been built. Road and drainage problems have nearly been erased. The city is clean and orderly.

Each successive generation of people living here and across the nation believe their generation was better than the one that came before.

It is known for a fact all generations are essentially the same – a bit like the tide coming in and the tide going out, the seas rising and the seas falling, the tides and the seas are eternal.

During the past ten years the school population has exploded and is continuing to expand.

The new schools are overcrowded. The teaching institution is taxed to the point of breaking. The school population is diverse, poor, struggling, and most of our public school students cannot read or write with ease and understanding in English or in their native languages.

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New assistant approved for new superintendent

By Josh Resnek

A request for an assistant to the superintendent from the new superintendent Priya Tahiliani was approved unanimously by the School Committee during Monday night’s meeting.

The job does not need to be advertised.

Tahiliani will be choosing her assistant without interference from the School Committee.

A salary for the new employee was not publicly discussed but will likely come up for discussion.

Whether or not the new assistant will receive a  contract is another matter, although it is likely the School Committee must interview Tahiliani’s choice and then vote to hire her and to create a contract.

This new hire slightly complicates Tahiliani’s official March 1 starting date.

First of all, acting superintendent Janice Gauthier has announced she is not leaving until school ends in June.

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New super to receive $205,000 and benefits

By Josh Resnek

Everett’s newly minted superintendent of schools Priya Tahiliani has negotiated a contract with the School Committee and signed the contract at Tuesday’s meeting held at Everett High School.

She will take her new post on March 1, according to School Committeeman Frank Parker.

While the contract has been conditionally approved, there remains to be detailed exactly what perks Tahiliani will receive as part of her employment.

It is expected she will be negotiating vacation, and all other relevant contract components that relate to her employment here.

The four year contract guarantees Tahiliani at least $820,000 to lead the Everett Public Schools into a brave new world.

Her salary is in line with those paid in communities neighboring Everett.

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High School Sports Roundup

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 5.17.48 PM.png
Everett’s Brendan Corrie (4) chips the puck during a varsity hockey match between Everett High School and Medford High School at Allied Veterans Skating Rink. (Photo/Joseph Prezioso)

Boys basketball – After starting the season with a loss against one of the regions top teams in Catholic Memorial, the Tide have reeled off 3 straight wins against Revere, Medford and Belmont to improve to 3-1 overall. “ We’ve won 3 in a row since our opening loss to CM. We’ve gotten after it defensively. Omar Quilter, Dimitry Philippe and Brandon Johnson have led the way setting the tone on that end. Offensively, Omar Quilter, Dimitry Philippe, John Monexant and Franky Aubourg have all led the team with balanced scoring,” said head coach Stanley Chamblain. They hit the court next at the BABC Classic on Friday (Tech Boston, 12:20pm) and Saturday (Scituate, 3:00pm). After the road trip, they return home to play Lynn Classical January 3rd (7PM).

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Looking at Education

In the end it was all about change for the sake of change

By Josh Resnek

Last Thursday night, the Superintendent Choice Committee decided to take a chance with new leadership and younger leadership for its choice of school superintendent.

The consensus seemed to be that nearly everyone having a say in this process sought the kind of superintendent who had no ties to the city or its school administration or its politics or society.

There were some loud cries of unfair from those longtime employees who had applied for the position but were not granted interviews.

In the end, all those not interviewed graciously accepted the choice of Priya Tahiliani as the next superintendent.

Teachers by and large are believed to have latched on to her candidacy from the very start, according to school administration insiders.

“She was the choice right from the git go,” said an administrator.

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