Plan for high school sports to kick off season February 1

Needs approval of city board of health, would give athletes a chance to play short seasons


Pending approval from the City of Everett’s Board of Health (BOH), team sports play at Everett High School is scheduled to resume Monday, February 1.

Should the City’s BOH approve the winter schedule, according to the Everett Public Schools, the following sports teams will move forward with a modified season in 2021.

If the vote passes, boys/girls basketball along with coed ice hockey will begin tryouts and a preseason Monday, February 1. The regular season for both sports would start on March 1 and run through April 10.

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) will not be conducting any state-wide tournaments, but the Greater Boston League (GBL) is exploring a division only tournament to wrap up the year.

Along with Everett High School, the GBL currently consists of teams from Malden, Medford, Revere, and Somerville. If a season and subsequent inter-division tournament are approved, these teams would also match up with Lynn Classical, Lynn English, and Chelsea High School to help bolster the competition.

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High School winter sports schedules remain benched


Winter Sports at Everett Public Schools will remain on freeze until further notice, with no formal decision being made to allow school sports to resume in the city as of Tuesday night.

In December the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) and the Everett Public Schools administration, including coaches agreed to allow Winter Sports to commence at Everett High School given a strict schedule and modified rules be implemented but a last-second blocking from the City prevented it from happening due to concerns about rising Covid-19 numbers.

If the City of Everett authorizes HS sports to continue, a 10-game basketball season could start the week of January 18 but it would come at the cost of hyper-modified gameplay and an NBA bubble-like schedule.

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Matewsky is council president, Parker elected to chair EPS

Veteran politicians set to lead in 2021

Everett City Councilor Wayne Matewsky.


Longtime City Councilor Wayne Matewsky was elected by his colleagues at the annual organizational meeting of the council held Monday night on Zoom, and partially, at city hall.

Matewsky received a unanimous vote of his colleagues and a hearty round of applause following it.

“I can’t wait for a return to normal,” he said after the vote.

“I will lead the council with honesty, fairness, and respect,” he added.

In brief remarks, Matewsky thanked his colleagues, told them he was humbled by their support, and graciously introduced a number of visitors to the vote, which included his 90-year-old mother and biggest supporter, Marion.

Matewsky replaces Councilor Rosa DiFlorio.

He congratulated her for doing a good job.

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Tahiliani sets record straight on financial needs for schools

Battles to get funding restored to budget


The mayor repeatedly asked Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani if she was going to be needing an extra $1 million over the School Department budget allotment at Monday night’s School Committee meeting.

“We are asking for what the schools are owed,” she shot back to the mayor.

What she said, in other words, is that the School Department is looking for the money “stolen” from its account by the mayor – which he has told her he would give back.

“Do you know what you need above budget?” the mayor asked Tahiliani again and again.

Again, and again, she rebuffed the mayor in an attempt to set him straight about who owes the School Department what.

“We are asking for reimbursements for planned spending. We are not overspending our budget,” she added.

Since the mayor removed $471,000 from the School Department budget without informing her, the School Department has been trying to have the money refunded, along with $581,000 for rent for the Devens School the mayor is withholding.

“I think you’re confused,” the mayor said to Tahiliani.

Unperturbed, she shot back, “I think you are confused.”

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$1000k DAV scholarships program to continue, honors late educator

Everett Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahliani and City Councilor Fred Capone.(Contributed photo)

City Councilor and Everett attorney Fred Capone met with Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani earlier this month to cement the future of an annual $1000K scholarship pro- gram that celebrates a great American service organization and equally dedicated Everett residents.

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