Clear sailing for Clerveaux

Jayden “JC” Clerveaux blast through a hole created by Richie Malloy and David Macharia. (Photos By Jim Mahoney and Joe Prezioso)

Sr. running back likens his game to Dallas’ Ezekiel Elliot


The Crimson Tide remains undefeated on the year and big back Jayden “JC” Clerveaux is a big reason why.

With two touchdown runs in the Tides shutout win (42-0) over Lynn English, the 6-foot, 210-pound senior captain is currently tied for the team lead in scoring with 3 TDs on the season.

Clerveaux’s downhill, but still shifty, put-a-body-on-you style of running has been likened by Everett High School football coaches to the style of EHS legend Diamond Ferri, who of course made his way up the ranks and into the National Football League.

Clerveaux, born in Cambridge and raised in Everett, hopes to follow his predecessor’s footsteps, and run his way into the pros.

“With football, NFL is the big dream,” said Clerveaux of his football aspirations. “That’s every football player’s plan A,” he said.

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