The Last Gasps Of Warm Weather

If the warmer weather we have been experiencing were a person, then that person would be gasping for air in a battle to remain alive.

The warmer weather is not going to last.
Most of us don’t want to feel it go.

But we know it is doing a disappearing act.
Sooner rather than later we will be forced to turn on the heat in our homes or apartments.

This year that will be a costly act – that is – trading our money to stay warm at a time when it is going to cost more money to heat during a winter than ever before.

The price for electricity, gas and heating oil are all high and going higher.

Back to the point.

Enjoy what you can of these few precious days of warmth that remain on a calendar soon to be entirely devoted to the coming of winter.

The fall has been brilliant.

The leaves have turned and they are falling.

Soon the cold will grip us – and for many months.

That’s New England for you.

— Eye on Everett —


The mayor’s Blue Suit and Leader Herald editor Josh Resnek discussing politics and life


Hello Fall!

Hello Celebration!

Let’s all get out our checkbooks and make contributions to the mayor.

He’s having another fundraiser – or a celebration – as he likes to call it.

What better way to celebrate the coming of fall than heading over to Anthony’s in Malden and getting out your checkbook and writing out a nice big donation to the mayor.

For what, you might well ask?

He needs to pay his lawyers for the law suits he is involved in. “How much will you be giving, Josh,” the Blue Suit asked me with a smile and a hearty laugh.

“As much as I possibly can. He’s really worth it- and his law, too. I know how expensive lawyers can be. After all, the mayor is suing me for allegedly ruining his reputation! How does that work?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“Well, Josh, everyone has a reputation. Even Carlo has a reputation. Carlo’s claiming his reputation has been ruined is an entirely different matter. I’ve been with him a long time as you know. I have never believed he had a reputation that could be ruined. But this hasn’t stopped Carlo from asking for money to carry out a law suit against you, and others and to defend himself from others claiming he is a racist and a sexist and from those who claim he might have exposed himself to them inside his office at city hall when no one was looking.”

“Oh, has Guerline Alcy taken out a criminal complaint against the mayor?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“Not yet, I do believe,” the Blue Suit answered.

“That would be something for his reputation, wouldn’t it?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“You might say that but let’s keep on point, Josh about the celebration.”

“OK,” I reluctantly answered.

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