The Federal Investigation

Leader Staff

Of all the events to capture our imaginations, the announcement by the US Attorney some months back in 2022 of a Federal Investigation into racism, discrimination and retaliation in Everett city government was a big moment.

Boston Federal Courthouse

Such investigations aren’t announced without good cause to believe an investigation is, in fact, warranted.

However, many questions arise time and again among those Everett people piqued by the idea that the federal government is pouring over records from Everett City Hall for the past five years.

What will happen if illegality is found?

Can public officials be indicted?

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Why should we care that Whitey Bulger was murdered inside prison?

By Josh Resnek

Many Everett resident’s read crime novels, watch true crime television series, and pay close attention to crime in general.

So it comes as no surprise that many local people have commented about the news that a federal investigation into the death of gangster and serial murderer Whitey Bulger reveals that he should not have been killed inside prison twelve hours after he was transferred.

The expression that justice is swift takes on new meaning with Bulger’s timely or untimely death, however you choose to look at it.

The government investigation keyed in on the reasons he was killed inside prison.

The investigation revealed, according to the Justice Department, that nearly everyone inside the prison he was transferred to as well as those inside the prison he was transferred from, knew about the transfer before it was made.

What does this mean?

It means that Bulger’s death sentence was passed long before he was transferred and was carried out only hours after the change of prison was made.

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Vandalism Or Terrorism Investigated By FBI In Destruction Of Electric Substations

Electric substation near Encore. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

A wake up call for Everett, Eversource?

By Josh Resnek

Two power substations in a North Carolina County were damaged by gunfire Sunday night causing damage that could days to repair, leaving almost 30,000 people without power.

The shooting of the electrical substations, exactly like those visible to passing traffic along Broadway across from the casino, likely sent chills up and down the spines of Eversource and Constellation officials — the two companies owning the main electric production apparatus operating in Everett.

Nearly all major power plants have substations to step down voltage so electricity can flow smoothly through transmission wires.

Attacks on critical infrastructure have have the ability to turn everyday life into a nightmare if the electricity supply is cut of during December.

We are no more invulnerable in Everett and Greater Boston than the folks now struggling without electricity in North Carolina.

In NC, the FBI is right now trying to determine who did what and why, keeping in mind domestic terrorism is always a possibility.

International terrorism is another possibility.

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What’s Going On Is Anyone’s Best Guess When It Comes To Federal Probes

By Josh Resnek

Everett is where the politics of local government is hopelessly split and mired in an explosion of citizen complaints and toxic responses to issues of nearly every kind.

The extraordinary political events of March, April and May – and eye catching, jaw dropping events well into June and July have now been eclipsed by an end of summer doldrum.

The emerging major question heard dominating political discussions throughout the city among those who claim to know is the wonder about what, if anything, is going to come of the US Attorney’s probe into racism, discrimination and retaliation?

Does anything come of this? Does nothing come of this?

Do we believe the supporters of the mayor all agreeing that nothing is going to happen?

Or do we believe the exhortations of those who have been waging a very public fight against the mayor, and who believe the mayor’s end is coming nearer every day that passes?

Obviously, it depends on whose side you are on how greatly you believe nothing is going to happen or much is going to happen when it comes to law enforcement exerting pressure on issues most in need of law enforcement’s over view and possible action.

Racism, sexual harassment, possible municipal fraud and theft, discrimination and retaliation are all apparently being looked into by the US Attorney – or is it?

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Are They Protected?

The common and oft repeated belief among the cognoscenti here that the mayor and others at the center of the political and racial storm now being investigated by the US Attorney believe that the FBI is protecting the mayor and a few others.

Preposterous, you say? Not at all.

Protected from what and why, we wonder?

Obviously, we have no real idea who the FBI protects and who the FBI doesn’t protect except to say – when bad actors are allowed to lead without impunity, questions always arise about how such a situation is left to exist when in other places, such behavior is vigorously prosecuted.

Next door to us, in the Chelsea of yesteryear, gangsters were allowed the run of the city during the 1980’s, and this included a succession of Chelsea’s mayors.

Many residents in that city, and leaders who were not part of the crime, the payoffs and the corruption never thought the FBI was allowing such behavior.

Time has proven otherwise.

Those of us who covered the carnival of crime alive in Chelsea at that time never understood what the hell was actually going on with law enforcement.

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