Encore will sue to collect Covid-19 fines

Encore Boston Harbor.(Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Expect a court summons for failure to pay penalties for illegal parties


Officials for Encore Boston Harbor have announced that those who were fined $500 or more for large parties at the Encore Hotel recently will be taken to court and sued if they fail to pay the fines.

Exceeding room occupancy limits for rooms and suites inside the resort casino will not be tolerated, according to company officials.

Encore recently announced that it will charge guests who violate the occupancy limits a cleaning fee of $500 per person and up to $3,000.

Encore officials said the move to sue guest who fail to pay the fines is part of its plan to ensure the safety of its guests and employees during the Coronavirus epidemic.

A recent spate of large parties inside rooms and suites at the hotel during late August found hundreds of people partying inside the rooms and suites without wearing masks, without social distancing and no attention paid to the company’s policies.

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Wynn sends $35.5 million fine to state

By Josh Resnek

One of the sticking points that has so far prevented Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox from paying the fines that are due on May 31 are highlighted beautifully in the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s seeking bids for an independent monitor to watch over Maddox and what he does.

The MGC is right now advertising for an independent monitor.

Without an independent monitor, the casino will not open.

A central finding of the commission’s investigation stated: “Over a course of years, a limited group of executives and employees in positions of authority at the Company, including in the legal division, were aware of certain allegations of sexual misconduct against Mr. Wynn involving employees, but they disregarded Company policies when it came to handling those allegations. The investigation also shows that in some instances particular Company executives, with assistance of outside counsel, were part of affirmative efforts to conceal allegations against Mr. Wynn. Their efforts at secrecy made it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, for gaming regulators to detect potentially derogatory information through typical regulatory means.”

This is why as part of the MGC’s decision, Maddox must be followed around for the next 3 years.

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