Former Fire Chief Butler laid to rest

By Josh Resnek

David Butler came from a family connected at the hip to the Everett Fire Department and to this city for over 60 years.

Butler came up through the ranks becoming the chief in 2000.

He served with distinction for 16 years, retiring in 2016.

During his long career as a firefighter, he became afflicted with Firefighter Occupational Cancer.

Last week, Chief Butler succumbed to the cancer following a valiant fight.

He was 65.

He spent 39 years of his life as an Everett firefighter.

His wake at the JF Ward Funeral Home on Broadway Sunday afternoon attracted a huge throng from all walks of life.

Nearly all the present members of the EFD attended, including the honor guard, while retired firefighters, family friends and former neighbors also came to pay their respects.

Former Mayor David Ragucci appointed Butler to the chief’s position.

In comments to the Leader Herald Monday morning, Ragucci remembered Butler as a gentleman and a quiet, dignified professional who knew what he was doing.

“David was an easy going, conscientious, honest man – an absolute pleasure to work with when I was mayor,” Ragucci said.

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Central Fire Station rehab a job without a finish

The Central Fire Station rehabilitation appears stalled.

Frankly, it has been stalled and then started, like a car with a gummed up fuel line since it began more than a year ago.

Fire Chief Anthony Carli bemoaned the situation before the city council Monday night.

He explained how the contractor has yet to keep to a timeline.

He is hoping the $2 million project will be completed by April when it was supposed to be completed last October.

Carli appeared before the city council to speak of the necessity for an additional $141,000 to complete the project.

The city council approved the money but what was not explained fully by the chief is how a contractor has held the city hostage for months and months redoing what is arguably the single most important structure in the city – the Central Fire Station.

Not only has the road next to the fire station been closed, but the front bays of the station itself has been wrapped in a canvas and all but inaccessible for more than a year.

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It’s official: Chief Carli

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 6.59.33 PM.png
Fire Chief Anthony Carli was a very happy man Monday night. 

Leader Herald Report

Acting Fire Chief Anthony Carli has become Everett’s permanent fire chief.

Carli was voted permanent fire chief by the City Council at Monday evening’s council meeting at city hall.

He was elected unanimously. Carli hails from an old Everett family. H has spent his lifetime here.

Terms of his contract were unavailable to the Leader Herald.

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It’s a Girl

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 4.43.25 PM.png
Everett fire Captain Michael O’Brien, (left) and Firefighter John Goyetche, (right) brought a brand new Everett resident into the world about ten days ago. Not shown in the photograph is Firefighter Scott Hogan, whom they described as having superior medical experience and also as a B+ hockey goalie.

Everett Firefighters Deliver Baby Girl into Hands of Mother

By Josh Resnek

It was to have been just another shift for Everett Fire Captain Michael O’Brien, 37, and Firefighters John Goyetche, 64 and Scott Hogan, 50 on Tuesday October 8.

It was hardly just another shift – and they rarely are without something memorable happening.

In its full essence, this experience was about life, a new life and it was about professionalism and training, having the right equipment, and knowing exactly what to do.

It was about Everett fire fighters performing at their very best.

Working out of the Hancock Street fire station these three received a call from dispatcher Jessie King.

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Fire Claims 2 Lives on Madison Avenue

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 6.50.56 PM.png

By Josh Resnek

A fast spreading three alarm fire that engulfed a multi-family home on Madison Avenue Sunday night has claimed two lives.

Fire authorities say the fire may have started on the second floor, which is where two women who died had apparently been living.

Residents on the third floor interviewed by authorities said they heard an explosion that was followed swiftly by massive flames and thick smoke.

They told officials they felt lucky to escape and that it was a split second of time that was the difference between life and death for them.

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