Late model autos populate weekly free food lines


An article this weekend in the New York Times noted that many Americans observing free food lines as they are waved past them by police have noticed many families showing up at the free food center arriving in late model automobiles, including Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, and high cost SUVs of every kind.

This brings to the forefront many comments I have heard from Everett residents who understand the vast majority of residents lining up in their late model automobiles are finding it hard to feed their families without the food giveaways.

What’s up with that, many have been moved to wonder?

The late, great American folk philosopher and humorist Will Rogers, whose comments on the Depression years remain relevant today put it this way: “We hold the distinction of being the only nation that is goin’ to the poorhouse in an automobile.”

During the weekly free food line-up in front of the Connolly Center on Chelsea Street, dozens of shiny and brightly colored late model automobiles in near to perfect condition formed a long queue waiting for their baskets of free food.

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New School food Service Provider Chosen for Everett Public Schools

By Josh Resnek

Following a great deal of rancor and debate, as well as heated public meetings about choosing a new food service provider for the city’s public schools, the city’s longtime food service provider Aramark is to be replaced by the Whitson Culinary Group.

From the start of the effort to oust Aramark, the mayor has postured strongly and with great public vigor for the Whitson Group to be chosen.

In the end, Whitson appears like the better choice.

The nine member Cafeteria Committee unanimously chose Whitson over Aramark, who has served as the schools food service provider for longer than two decades.

The introduction of Whitson Culinary into the Everett public schools began in earnest in April, 2019 when a city Request for Proposal (RFP) went out. Only two food service providers responded to the RFP – Aramark and Whitson Culinary.

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Mayor Challenged on Food Service Plan

Mayor CD.jpg
Mayor DeMaria (above) had a lot on his plate this week.

New Proposal Said to be Costly and Inefficient

By Josh Resnek

The mayor’s intrusion into the administration of the School Department showed its ugly side at Monday night’s School Committee meeting.

The mayor wants to remake the wheel by ending the school food delivery program with the Aramark company and attract a new company to do more at a much higher costs with no real return.

His effort to rethink the district’s food service has caused fear and consternation among 85 cafeteria employees all concerned about their jobs.

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Lunch on the Everett Line in an Unlikely Place

Two bowls of pho from the court inside the 99 Asian Supermarket.

By Josh Resnek

My son Jacob has a Vietnamese girlfriend. They eat Vietnamese food everywhere all the time. I have been trying out Vietnamese food as a result. I have tried two places in East Boston – one on Meridian Street, the other on Bennington Street. Both were good, but not up to the level of good I experienced recently.

My son recommended 60 Broadway Malden, right on the Everett line.

“You’ll love it. It is the best Vietnamese food I’ve eaten except for my girlfriend’s parents,” Jacob said.

He was right.

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