All new styling sets the SUV apart

(Photos by Jim Mahoney)


The 2020 Ford Escape, already a very popular compact SUV, has gotten a major facelift for 2020. And with so many excellent choices available in this class, staying relevant is a must.

It’s pretty amazing what a refresh can do for a car that was first produced in
2001. Much of the exterior of this SUV has been re-engineered, and all for the better.

A rakish roof and lowered waist line create a dynamic feeling that I think now distinguishes what used to be basically a scaled-down Explorer. This new Escape, with a wider, slightly longer wheelbase than previous versions, actually seems more compact.

But the driving experience most surprised me.

Compared to its earlier incarnations, the 2020 truck makes for a super fun, quick ride. I drive in mostly an urban setting where tight streets, small parking spaces, and crowded roads, even in the pandemic, are the norm.

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