How to Manage Power

The mayor’s constant attempts to co-opt and to coerce Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire into seeing things the way he does and demanding that he do things without consulting him first, is bad strategy, and bad politics.

If the mayor wishes to gain concessions from Foresteire or for Foresteire to gain concessions from the mayor, they need to meet before official public meetings take place.

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It Is Hard Being Dr. Easy; What is The Man to Do?

By Josh Resnek

At some point in the next few years, Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire will very likely write the final chapter and close the book on one of the longest running, most successful high-profile gigs in Everett.

Dr. Omar Easy
Dr. Omar Easy

In a normal world where excellence and hard work are requisites, either assistant superintendents Charlie Obremski or Kevin Shaw would likely succeed Mr. Foresteire.

That is how it would be done in the big leagues.

No search is necessary when pros who understand the system are available to ll the position left open by the likes of a Fred Foresteire.

But not in Everett.

The mayor is right now well into the bureaucratic/political/ personal process of picking a successor to Foresteire.

The mayor’s choice: Dr. Omar Easy.

In Dr. Easy, he finds someone who will do exactly as he is told which translates into the mayor being the de facto superintendent of the public schools so he can hire his friends to teaching and staff positions and, more importantly, so he can control and manipulate the budget.

This is exactly what the mayor is aiming for.

This is what he wants.

The compelling question about Dr. Easy among many others is this: what demonstrated experience can he boast?

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