Capone Endorses Mike Marchese For State Rep Over Joe McGonagle

Leader Herald Staff

Former city councilor attorney Fred Capone, the runner-up in a close contest for mayor last time out, and the leader of the opposition now confronting the administration, has endorsed state rep candidate Councilor Mike Marchese.

Capone said Marchese is the better man for the job now up for grabs.

“Since 2019, Mike and I fought to use Pope John High School as a school for Everett students to alleviate overcrowding. Mike continues that fight!” Capone told the Leader Herald.

“Mike doesn’t serve special interests or developers, he always puts constituents first. Period,” Capone added.

Capone’s endorsement is a symbolic gesture which finds the former mayoral candidate continuing his campaign long after his election loss by 210 votes last November.

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Is Capone campaigning? Of course he is

Neither he nor DeMaria can let it go

By Josh Resnek

The blue lettered sign on Sal Sacro’s apartment building in Everett Square is a prominent reminder that Fred Capone remains an influence in this city and that he is not yet done with running for mayor.

Fred Capone

His 210 vote loss to incumbent Mayor Carlo DeMaria last November followed the mayor’s $420,000 spending effort to buy his way into another term.

Capone spent little more than $100,000 trying to unseat DeMaria.

During the campaign, he never publicly confronted DeMaria nor did the two debate in a contest where Capone claimed to have taken the high road.

Capone always insisted he wasn’t about to get into the gutter with the mayor.

He kept his word. He didn’t. He lost.

After such a close loss, Capone may have rethought the high road strategy. Many Monday morning quarterbacks here claim had Capone fought the mayor more vigorously and publicly during the campaign, he might very well have beaten him in the election. No one really knows, except maybe his wife, as she is a very strong influence on Capone.

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There Is a Lack of Political Leadership

Comments by Fred Capone at City Hall Protest

What you have seen here and heard here today is the real Everett, a diverse but united community – not the Everett that you are reading about in the papers, watching on TV and following via social media. The negative reflections are the actions of a few. Sadly, they originate from our elected officials – those whose primary function is to make our city a safer and better place for all of us. The recent disclosure of the disturbing city video demonstrates that racism has been rampant throughout the current administration. The fact that racism and corruption have not even been mentioned let alone go unpunished by the majority of our elected officials, underscores the lack of political leadership that has been allowed to continue for far too long.

Everett High School students marched today in solidarity, they were amazing, and the Everett High School Class of 2022 has taken a bold stand and they have done us proud. I commend them for using their collective voice in a mature, responsible, and thoughtful manner to say what our elected officials will not – “Racism in any form is wrong and will not be tolerated.” Their action shows me that the future of our city is in good hands, but we must address the current void in leadership.

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The Week That Was

By Josh Resnek

Just a few observations about life in Everett as May gets ready to turn into June.

The protest in front of city hall of Everett High School students is unlike anything I have seen in covering the city as a journalist in more than 20 years.

The resignation of Anthony DiPierro was not unexpected but it is shocking never the less as it shows the mayor’s power is in decline.

It has been in decline since Fred Capone almost beat him last November when the mayor spent $400,000 to get re-elected as opposed to Capone spending less than $100,000.

It is notable that in defeat, Capone’s voice has become razor sharp and bold. He is acting very much like a candidate for mayor.

For many thousands of Everett voters in this politically divided city, Capone’s resurgence in defeat is a resurrection of sorts.

Capone represents integrity.

The mayor represents something less than that.

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“Mayor Inept and Hiding,” Says Capone “Won’t Address Racism”

By Josh Resnek

Another round of highly insulting and racially charged behavior by Councilor Anthony DiPierro and the mayor’s chief of communications Deanna Deveney and several other Everett City Hall employees and former public officials has been roundly condemned by former councilor and Attorney Fred Capone.

In addition, Everett High School student representatives have disinvited the mayor and DiPierro from attending the 2022 graduation ceremonies citing their racist tendencies and to do nothing about them.

“I commend the Everett High School Class of 2022 for having the courage to say what the city council and the mayor are unwilling to: ‘Racism in any form is wrong and won’t be tolerated.’

Capone told the Leader Herald he was disheartened and outraged by the shocking, racist audio and video Zoom session participated in by DiPierro, Deveney and Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery and others in which anti-Black, racist language was revealed and watched by thousands on a number of websites and Facebook pages.

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