Foresteire released from jail after 19 days; appellate judge allows appeal

By Josh Resnek

Former Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire was released from jail last week after serving 19 days of a 90-day suspended sentence following his conviction by a Malden District Court jury of indecent assault and battery last month.

A single judge of the Massachusetts Appellate Court James Milkey ordered Foresteire released after ruling that he could remain free while he appeals conviction.

Judge Milkey agreed that the crime Foresteire was convicted of was serious but that he did not believe he was a flight risk. Also, Judge Milkey described Foresteire as “a seventy-nine year old man with serious health issues” who “did not pose a particular danger to the community so significant to justify his continued incarceration pending appeal.

“Accordingly, the execution of the defendant’s sentence is stayed pending appeal,” Judge Milkey ordered.

Foresteire was released from the Billerica House of Correction where he had been serving his sentence.

A District Court jury convicted the seventy-nine year old Foresteire of indecent assault and battery for offenses involving a former co-worker. He was sentenced to 18 months in the House of Correction, with ninety days to serve, the rest suspended.

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Foresteire pleads guilty to two sexual assault allegations

(Photo courtesy of NBC)

No further trials or time to be served

By Josh Resnek

After serving a week in the Billerica House of Correction following his sentencing after a jury found him guilty of a sexual assault allegation, former Everett School Superintendent Frederick F. Foresteire told the court he did not wish to go forward with two additional trials regarding further sexual assault allegations.

Instead, Foresteire pleaded guilty to two felony charges of indecent assault and battery in court last week on Wednesday, thus ending the need for separate court trials for two additional women, one 47 and the other 64, who entered felony charges against him.

He admitted his guilt in the assaults alleged by the two women who had worked for him.

Had Foresteire chosen to go to trial, he would have possibly faced much harsher sentencing penalties if the verdict went against him.

Foresteire’s two new convictions do not result in additional jail time for him.

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The higher you’ve climbed the greater the fall

(Photo by Joe Resnek)

The conviction last week of Frederick F. Foresteire on two counts of indecent assault against a former School Department employee was met with shock and awe throughout the city of Everett.

His immediate handcuffing and incarceration at the Billerica House of Correction marked a new low in the city’s struggles to come to terms with a powerful leader, who ran the School Department with an iron fist, who professed his innocence, but who was found guilty by a jury of his peers.

For the woman who made the accusations, and for the women and men of this city who followed closely Foresteire’s trial, his conviction is only partly satisfying as she must live a lifetime with the detrimental effects of the harassment she endured.

Foresteire was among the most powerful political and administrative figures in the city’s history.

Many assert that he ran the School Department with a heavy hand.

Many more have denounced his dictatorial tendencies, which, they said, led to Foresteire overreaching his position from time to time throughout the years.

Fear of losing one’s job for failure to adapt to Foresteire’s Draconian code was paramount, or so said the victim of his indecent assaults on her over the years.

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On behalf of the Everett School Committee, the school administration, its teachers and all of the staff, I wish to thank the victim of this tragic case for having the courage to report this matter to the Committee, the witnesses and to law enforcement in Everett.

We hope that the Committee’s own efforts to investigate the allegations by appointing outside counsel, our diligent response to the allegations from the outset of this matter in 2018, and our own prompt resolution of these matters with the victim showed that Everett and its School Department took these matters extremely seriously and has no tolerance for any form of assault, sexual harassment, or any form of bullying or discrimination at the hands of anyone no matter who you are and what title you hold.

The Committee, the school administration and its staff proudly protected the victim’s rights and the rights of witnesses who cooperated with us and we are committed to continuing to do so.


FFF found guilty of indecent assault; imprisoned same day

By Josh Resnek

During the early afternoon last Thursday a Middlesex County District Court jury finished up its deliberations about the innocence or the guilt of former Everett School Superintendent Frederick F. Foresteire after a three day trial.

The jury informed the court clerk it had reached a decision. Moments later, the jury filed into the packed courtroom in Malden District Court.

Everyone rose with eyes riveted on the jurors as they tried to predict what the decision would be from the expressions worn on their faces.

The unnerving nature of a legal decision about to be revealed nearly always quiets a crowded court room.

“Do you have a verdict?” Judge Emily Karstetter asked the jury foreman.

“Yes we do, your honor.” The verdict was read. “Guilty of indecent assault and battery,” informed the jury foreman.

Foresteire standing next to his attorney never flinched.

A crescendo of hushed oohs and ahhs broke out among the gallery observers in the courtroom.

A moment of collective catharsis engulfed observers inside the court room following the reading of the decision.

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