DiDomenico secures $65 Million in Funding

Special to the Leader Herald

Senator Sal DiDomenico has announced he has secured several legislative achievements and over $65 million in funding for local organizations, municipalities, and projects in his District and throughout Massachusetts. These massive investments and new programs will provide critical support to non-profit organizations, promote new public projects, and empower residents of all backgrounds.

“This is a victory for taxpayers, every man, woman and child in the district, and it is a victory for a better life for all of us,” DiDomenico told the Leader Herald.

The legislative victories and allocated funding were passed thanks to DiDomenico’s amendments filed in the fiscal year 2023 state bud- get, the economic development bill, the ARPA spending bill, also known as An Act relative to immediate COVID-19 recovery needs, and the transportation infrastructure bond bill, also known as An Act relative to Massachusetts transportation resources and climate.

“One of my top priorities is providing essential resources for people in my district and across the state, especially for those most in need,” said DiDomenico, Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate. “I am so proud to have secured $65 million for organizations and programs that provide vital services for our residents. This funding will create new opportunities for people of all ages in our communities and support projects that will improve lives and protect our public spaces.”

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DiDomenico Secures $1M in Funding for Massachusetts Early Intervention Programs

BOSTON– Senator DiDomenico recently announced the inclusion of an additional $1M in state funding for the Commonwealth’s Early Intervention (EI) programs. This funding was secured by Senator DiDomenico during this year’s budget discussions via an amendment he filed to the Senate budget. Massachusetts Early Intervention programs serve infants and toddlers under the age of three who have developmental delays, who have been diagnosed with certain developmental conditions, or who are at risk of developing developmental delays.

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DiDomenico Announces Record Education Funding for Everett in Senate Budget

Last week, the Senate Ways and Means Committee released their proposed state budget for Fiscal Year 2020. All cities in Senator DiDomenico’s district received an increase in Chapter 70 funding from the proposal, with the Everett Public Schools receiving a total of $75,001,079— a $6 million increase over Fiscal Year 2019 funding levels.

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The City Is Broke … Or Is It?

By Josh Resnek 

The mayor announced with some fanfare at a meeting last week that reports the city is broke are “garbage” distributed by the city’s real and only perceived but unnamed adversary, the Leader Herald.

‘The city is not broke,” the mayor said to his colleagues in government last week.

This statement followed several weeks of mayoral posturing about the city’s financial condition in the wake of a spate of reports in the Leader Herald that all might not be well with the city’s finances.

Since Wynn Resorts began making in lieu of tax payments, the mayor has repeatedly touted the city’s solid financials, reports apparently backed up and certified by his Chief Financial officer Eric Demas.

However, during an interview given to the Independent and published last week, all is not what it might appear to be.

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District Re-Hiring School Teachers in Order to Cut Classroom Size

By Josh Resnek

The School Department is speeding ahead with efforts to hire back several dozen teachers and aids in order to shrink the size of classrooms which had been ballooning since the School Department cut 100 teachers and aids before the present school year began.

Although awaiting the city council’s affirmative action to release $2.5 million to make the hiring possible, the School Department was already in a major hiring mode, according to Assistant Superintendent of Schools Kevin Shaw.

The council is expected to approve the mayor’s request at its November 13 meeting.

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