Looking at Gambling

Cocktail waitresses deliver drinks to gamblers.
An Encore cocktail waitress delivers drinks to gamblers.

My first casino gambling visit

By Josh Resnek

Each week, I deliver newspapers to the media office at the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel.

I park my car out front, run inside with the papers, drop them at the hotel desk, where a reservations expert folds them and delivers them to the head media lady.

I have come to know all the guys out front, and the ladies and gentlemen working inside.

Everyone is always cheerful, pleasant and professional.

I do not spend much time in Five Star hotels but whenever I step inside the Encore Hotel I take a careful look at the surroundings.

The surroundings, in short, are spectacular. There is nothing mediocre about the place. Everything shines. Everything radiates a warmth and over the top elegance. There is nothing quite like this in the country except in Las Vegas, and after that, in Macau.

The night before Christmas Eve, my two sons and I continued a longstanding tradition by getting together with five friends for a night of gambling at the casino.

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Gambling Revenues Slump; Encore Execs not Worried

By Josh Resnek

Gambling revenues at Encore Boston Harbor last month were off by more than $3 million from August, according to figures released by the Gaming Commission last week.

August revenues had risen to more than $52.5 million but dropped to $49 million for September.

Casino analysts all agreed, Encore has plenty of time to perfect its gaming operation and to grow it, although there was the fear that a soft September would be followed by a softer October and an even softer holiday period in November and December.

The holiday period is traditionally the weakest part of the year for gaming revenues.

Gaming revenues at all the states casinos and slot parlors were off just a bit although slots were slightly higher at Encore rising to $21.9 million.

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Encore Dismissed by Gaming Commission

By Josh Resnek

A disgruntled gaming customer at the Encore Boston Harbor Casino who filed a lawsuit claiming he was being robbed of his winnings among a flurry of other allegations led to an immediate investigation by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission last week.

The president of Encore Boston Harbor fired back at the lawsuit against the casino before the Massachusetts Gaming Commission Thursday, which claims that customers are being short-changed. “Every single customer gets every dollar and every penny they have coming due to them,” Robert DeSalvio said.

“At no time did we ever round and not give customers back the money that they truly deserved.”

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission agreed.

Following a preliminary investigation, the MGC determined and reported on Thursday last week that Encore Boston Harbor is in compliance with all regulations.

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Wynn Tour Review

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 6.37.28 PM.png
Encore offers 210,000 square feet of gambling with 3,110 slot machines, table games including Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Casino War and Craps with high-roller rooms and high-limit slots as well.

by Joseph Prezioso

In the words of the Jurassic Park character John Hammond, “We spared no expense,” when talking about the fictional park in the said film, the same can be said about how Wynn has treated its new resort,Encore Boston Harbor.

The resort boast art in every corner your eyes can see, from the Jeff Koons’ mirror-polished stainless-steel stature of Popeye to venetian glass chandeliers and art decorating almost every ceiling surface. A impressive garden with a Preston Bailey carousel made of 83,000 flowers and 11,000 jewels, greets patrons as they enter the resort. The flowers are real and kept up daily.

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Casino and Hotel Opening Rocks

by Josh Resnek

The table is being set for the grand opening of the Encore Casino and Hotel on Sunday – and what a day that will be in the history of this city.

The moment the ribbon has been cut and the public begins pouring into the casino and hotel complex, a new day is upon us in this city.

When the slot machines are whirring and the table games are attracting those who love to play, the circle has almost been completed on a long and winding road journey that began more than seven years ago.

One of the most polluted and ravaged land sites in the nation has been cleaned.

Not only has it been cleaned, it has been planted with mature trees, thousands of them, flowers and bushes, smaller trees, and several acres of unbelievably green grass.

The entire scene is one of natural wonder where only poisoned soil existed seven years ago.

At the center of all this natural wonder is the casino itself – perhaps the most ornate and expensive facility ever built in the state of Massachusetts.

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