Am I In Everett? Yes I am! Incredible Really When You Give It A Thought

Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel A Psychedelic Trip

By Josh Resnek

Last Thursday I drove my Lexus to Joe Caruso’s Car Repair Shop down the Lynde, and dropped it off.

Leaving the casino after losing $100 on slot machines.

Then I took an unvarnished Everett walk to the casino.

I carried $200 in my front pocket.

I was ready to gamble $100 of the $200.

I felt very positive walking to the casino.

It is a walk between two worlds. The old remaining Everett world of two and three family homes and businesses here and there mixes indelicately with the larger parking lots and with the assemblage of properties put together by Wynn Resorts.

The assemblage is a post modern pastiche of outdated housing surrounded by car repair shops, several welding facilities, the sprawling LNG facility, the great brick electrical plant using oil to produce electricity, its giant brick chimneys reaching for the sky, and a mind boggling numbing parade of 18 wheel trucks rambling on the roads making the noise of Army tanks at full throttle as they sped by me.

It is an invigorating walk that sets the mind wandering.

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Weekend at Encore Anyone? Let’s Do It Up at $4,000 A Night!

The two-bedroom residence.

Luxury, Extravagance and Opulence in Everett

By Josh Resnek

If you grew-up “down the Line” or in the Village, or in a two or three family home off the square, or in North Everett or by Glendale Park or on the Malden line way down on Ferry Street, well, think about that experience, and the experience offered at Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel.

The Premier Harbor View Double.

This is a dead serious piece about grandeur and opulence available in Everett, at the Encore Hotel, which, frankly, is quite unlike any other in New England.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the mind shattering visage of a 3250 square foot two bed- room suite at the Encore Hotel.

Can you imagine spending the weekend in such a space!

I can – but I don’t believe I’ll be renting the space anytime soon.

At $4,000 a night, if I check in Friday and leave Sunday – well – that’s probably a sweet (suite) $10,000 with taxes and fees included.

There are different options.

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Why is Matt Maddox Stepping Down? Mystery Surrounds His Departure

Who leaves a job at $25 million a year?

By Josh Resnek

The mystery surrounding Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox’s departure from the company continues to grow in the absence of additional information first published in the New York Post and the Las Vegas newspaper last week.

The Post reported that Maddox had been investigated by the Wynn Board of Directors about a potential problem that was allegedly company related but had come up with a clean bill of health, apparently, according to industry sources.

However, Maddox leaving is big medicine in the gaming world.

Maddox sits at the very top of the premier gaming enterprise in the world, a gaming juggernaut about to explode with billions of new business when their sports betting platform takes shape and form.

Industry analysts say that Wynn Resorts is trying to get out of the hotel business, and even the casino business, in order to pay closer attention to the making of billions of dollars on Internet gaming.

Rumors circulated two weeks ago that Wynn was attempting to lease its gambling and hotel operation here to Mohegan Sun at a pretty penny while at the same time redoubling its effort to become the nation’s leading gaming on line industry giant.

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Encore scores major revenue gains

Gaming giant roaring back to life as gamblers stream to casino

Encore Boston Harbor. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Encore Boston Harbor reported an $8 million gain in revenues in March over February’s revenues, which were up $7 million from January.

The back-to-back monthly gains in revenues signal a major change in revenue direction for the gaming giant which has suffered horribly during the pandemic.

The March total, as reported by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission came to $49 million.

The breakdown revealed $20.3 million in table game revenues and $29.2 million in slot machine revenue.

Encore generated more than 2 times the total taken in by MGM Springfield which reported $22 million in revenues.

Encore’s revenues dwarfed those of Plainridge Park Casino which came in at $12.2 million.

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Older gamblers heading back to Encore Casino

Vaccines cited in part to up tick


In Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Sun and Review reported this week that older gamblers have started to return to the Wynn properties there in far greater numbers.

The return of older gamblers, one of the pillars of everyday business that is done at casinos wherever they exist, is a key component of the rising revenue figures recently reported here and in Las Vegas.

Last month, revenues rose by almost $7 million at Encore Boston Harbor in Everett.

Activity at the casino according to several employees the Leader Herald has spoken with is markedly improved.

This is because of two reasons – vaccinations against the COVID shielding the elderly from sickness, and expanded hours of gambling allowed by the state as restrictions are being removed in tandem with infections and hospitalizations going down.

“Traffic inside Las Vegas casinos is picking up again, but it’s not all driven by young travelers with pent-up demand,” it was noted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Casino operators say customers 65 and over have started to return, spurred by the growing availability of COVID-19 vaccines across the country.

“As more of the older end of the customer spectrum receives vaccines and becomes more comfortable with leaving their houses … that for sure means they’ll start to step out and go back to their favorite casinos again,” said gaming consultant Josh Swissman of The Strategy Organization, as reported in the Review-Journal.

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