Moment of Truth Approaches

By Josh Resnek

If you think its easy to start a gambling concern in Everett, Massachusetts, look again.

With the Wynn Resorts Casino and Hotel nearing completion and scheduled to open in June, 2019, a number of lawsuits have been led in courts that will require a great deal of legal expertise and money to either settle or to litigate and ultimately, to get out of the way.

It is literally and physically, a swamp of law suits from powerful people all complaining that they lost at the hands of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and or Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn individually or all together.

Here’s the list right now:

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Showing Their Cards


Gaming Commission Set To Act; Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s Before Releasing Findings

Will Wynn Keep Its License? Wynn Officials Concerned.

By Josh Resnek

The Gaming Commission will do nothing whatsoever to Wynn Resorts when the findings of its investigation have been revealed, according to two experts claiming to have an insight into the investigation.

The MGC report and any actions to be taken will be discussed in public at a meeting expected to take place most likely during the second week of September, according to the sources, both of whom wished to remain unnamed.

“They won’t take the license from Wynn Resorts. They will receive a slap on the wrist. Their entire investigation will be meaningless,” said one of the sources, a longtime observer of the GMC.

“The commission has constantly bent their rules for Wynn Resorts and this will continue. There is simply too much at stake,” said the source.

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The Gaming Commission’s Work is Not Over With the Resignation of Steve Wynn

By JoshuaResnek

Matthew Maddox is the new president of Wynn Resorts whose former leader, Steve Wynn, has resigned in disgrace following revelations in the Wall Street Journal and further revelations in the Las Vegas Sun about Wynn’s appalling behavior.

Dozens of women interviewed told stories about Wynn’s sexual advances and sexual incidents – and there were dozens of women who came forward by name.

Enter Mr. Maddox, the new president of Wynn Resorts. He worked side by side with Wynn for more than a decade. He rose through the ranks to become Wynn’s main man.

Wynn liked him. He liked Wynn. They spent an enormous amount of time together both socially and time together for the business while building the company.

Both men came to know one another well.

Might they have shared a secret or two?

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will be examining Maddox’s suitability to be the president of the corporation that owns the gambling license at the Wynn Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel in Everett.

The Commission’s investigative arm will be scouring Maddox’s past, as they scoured Wynn’s past 4 years ago.

Four years ago the investigators reported Wynn was perfectly suitable after a long and thorough investigation.

Will Maddox receive the same suitability OK as his predecessor after a long and thorough investigation?

Will commission investigators ask Maddox if he was a visitor to Wynn’s main office during the decade he worked as his right hand man?

If Maddox answers, “Yes,” will they then ask:

“Did you ever wonder what went on inside the room with the massage table or did Mr. Wynn tell you about his many conquests?”

How does Maddox answer such questions?

If he answers, “No,” he is a liar.

If he answers “Yes,” he is unfit to be the president of Wynn Resorts.

If Maddox says he had no idea what kind of man Wynn was in his private life, that there was no way to know what Wynn’s sexual proclivities were and what his sexual excesses consisted of, he is a liar as a fool.

Such claims of not knowing about a man he worked side by side with for more than a decade is the stuff of stale fiction.

The Gaming Commission investigators who did the original look into Wynn’s suitability should be fired. In fact, they should be investigated.

If the same investigators look into Maddox’s life and determine he is suitable, well, what is there to say?

The Gaming Commission has a tough job to do determining exactly who has not been soiled by their longtime association with Wynn.

It is both obvious and damning that everyone who worked closely with Wynn knew about his excesses.

The same way an alcoholic friend can’t hide his drinking habit, Wynn couldn’t hide his sexual abuse of women from his closest colleagues.

That was then.

This is now.

Is Maddox a suitable replacement for his former boss?

Let’s see what happens.