Where is Gerly Adrien?

As one of Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien’s most engaged supporters during her mayoral run, we are left to wonder: what has happened to her?

She has not attended a council meeting since she lost the primary.

Many, many Everett people and her supporters have taken notice of this.

Some of us who have lost money, position, possessions and loved ones during a long life, would very politely remind Councilor Adrien that losing is one thing.

Winning is not everything.

When you lose, as Adrien did, it is a defining moment in her young life – but it is not the end and should not be treated like the end.

There is a great deal of pride to be taken in making the run, giving the effort, putting oneself on the line for all the chips on a big bet.

Losing is not the end of the world.

It is actually the beginning of a new moment.

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Adrien’s endorsement a message

By endorsing Councilor Capone’s mayoral candidacy, Councilor Adrien is drawing a line in the sand.

She has said that she will not endorse and could never endorse the current mayor for a wide variety of personal and political reasons.

Her endorsement of Capone puts an exclamation point to Adrien’s thinking about who ought to be the next mayor of Everett, and what might he be bringing to city hall?

The line in the sand she has drawn is between her and the mayor.

He can’t stand her. She wants no part of him.

Capone, on the other hand, is more of Adrien’s type of candidate.

He is honest. He has personal integrity. He keeps his word. He is careful, thoughtful, incisive and he is ever the thinking man’s lawyer about many things.

Capone’s perspectives on life vastly differ from the mayor’s. Adrien perceives the mayor as someone who does not care for her, not just because she is Black and successful, but because she’s , Black and successful.

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Adrien endorses Capone

OCTOBER 20: Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone after she endorsed his mayoral campaign. (Contributed photo)

Her voting bloc an important addition to his mayoral campaign


Pledging allegiance to a new day that may alter the horizon in the hotly contested mayor’s race, Fred Capone has received and enthusiastically accepted the endorsement of Councilor Gerly Adrien in his bid to become the mayor of Everett.

Adrien’s endorsement is a huge score for Capone during a critical time when his momentum is palpable in a close election that will go down to the wire.

Adrien campaigning for Capone could likely turn the tide in this race.

She has a long reach in the city. She is an influencer. Thousands of people listen to her and believe in her.

Adrien, of course, finished third and out in the recent mayoral primary. However, her close relationship and knowledge of the Haitian community should be crucial as well as beneficial to Capone.

Her endorsement is a big deal in this race.

It is important and Capone welcomed it.

Adrien has a wide base of support throughout the city.

That support includes women, men, younger people, and nearly everyone who considers themselves part of the new Everett.

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It’s Capone vs. mayor

SEPTEMBER 21: Voters cast ballots at the Rec Center. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

November 2 election could be decided by
Gerly Adrien’s voters


Fred Capone and the mayor are the finalists for the November 2 election.

Primary day was climactic with results that leave more questions than answers.

Gerly Adrien finished out of the running.

Adrien and Capone pulled almost 54% of the vote to the mayor’s 45%.

The vote revealed that the mayor is not invulnerable.

The mayor scored 2,883 votes to Capones 1,953.

Adrien’s 1,499 votes leave a riddle about where they might go in the November election.

Capone and Adrien tallied a total of 3,342 votes to the mayor’s 2,883 votes.

Capone vowed to continue campaigning hard to defeat the mayor.

The mayor echoed Capone’s thoughts. The mayor’s supporters breathed a collective sigh of relief at his finish at the top.

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Numbers game intensifies

Three weeks to Primary Day for Adrien, Capone, DeMaria


All three candidates are hustling for votes down to the wire as the most contested mayoral race in 20 years is about to likely change the face of politics here when the votes are counted on September 21.


With three weeks remaining before the primary, all three candidates remain engaged in their campaign efforts which are, for the most part, relentless.

Our sources tell us that the vote is close between the mayor and Gerly Adrien.

Those candidates have been counting votes as they go door to door and while soliciting voter’s interest.

“She is very, very close to him in terms of total vote and he knows it,” a source close to the Adrien campaign told the Leader Herald.

Local political observers who claim to know believe Gerly Adrien’s vote and Capone’s, whatever it is, will make it impossible for the mayor to capture 50% of the total primary vote.

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