Most of us have to work for a living

The mayor of Everett is paid $232,000 + a year for a part-time job.

Let’s face it, the mayor spends as little time as possible at Everett City Hall.

He spends hundreds of more days away from city hall than presiding over city hall which is the job he was elected to do.

Candidates for mayor Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone have labeled the mayor’s salary “outrageous” and about “greed,” respectively.

With these simple statements, they have slammed the mayor directly, a move very likely to cause the mayor to strike them back.

We are told the mayor has hired a big-time campaign manager.

The campaign manager has ordered the mayor to look and act like a mayor rather than a despot, as is his public tendency. Good luck with trying to keep a handle on the mayor’s tendency for excess, waste, derision, racism, misogyny, sexism, sexual assault, using ISD as a battering ram against those who don’t contribute properly to him or who refuse to attend his political fundraisers.

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Reflection on the death of George Floyd

Participants in a vigil at Glendale Park for murdered George Floyd in June 2020.(File photo by Jim Mahoney)


One year later, as we reflect on the murder of George Floyd, let us remember that he should be home with his family today.

We need to fight for real changes at every level of government.

We must hold our federal legislators accountable for passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. This bill would ban choke holds, end qualified immunity, prohibit discriminatory profiling, stop no-knock warrants in federal drug cases, create a nationwide police misconduct registry, and would also limit the amount of military equipment given to local police. This bill would be a game-changer nationwide in the fight for racial equity in policing.

Locally, there’s a lot of work that we as a community, and legislators like myself can do.

We need allies to speak up with us, listen to us, and get to work with us.

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Adrien is first official candidate

With the support and swift work of our many volunteers, I am honored to become the first candidate to have collected and submitted the necessary signatures to get on the ballot.

“On Monday morning, I submitted over 600 signatures from Everett residents to officially get our campaign on the mayoral ballot this fall. Last week, our campaign launched a volunteer-led, multi-neighborhood effort to engage with local residents across the city about our campaign vision that supports creating a better quality of life for everyone in Everett.

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Contender spotlight: Gerly Adrien

(Photo by Joseph Prezioso)


Gerly Adrien’s weekend announcement that she is running electrified the Everett political community and caused a stir among her friends like Kim Janey, the mayor of Boston, Rachel Rollins the District Attorney of Suffolk County, and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley.

Adrien’s announcement included going online with a full social media platform.

All the material she put out can be accessed by going to her election website:

That being said, Adrien’s video was intended to speak to those who feel overlooked and left out of government.

“If you are overlooked, left out, and unheard if you must depend on others to get through the day…I offer the power of us,” Adrien said in her video, which showed her in a variety of poses and places throughout the city.

“This is the hometown I love…Everett is ready for a change…I have spoken up. I did it loud.”

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