Opening Day

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The Encore Boston Harbor ribbon cutting ceremony. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

by Joseph Prezioso

The scandaled laid history of the Wynn Casino project seemed to wash away on Sunday as a ribbon cutting and fireworks display officially opened Encore Boston Harbor to the public.

Thousands waited in an endless line to be the first to enter the resort. Visitors arrived by boat, plain, bus, trains and cars to attend the event that’s been talked about for years.

Glenn Reynolds, who arrived 17 hours before the ribbon cutting was excited upon entering the casino after waiting and standing in line with his homemade sign.

“I’m adjusting to certain things, but, it’s just magnificent. I ended up giving my sign to the president, Bob DeSalvio, they did a really great job. I am going to walk around, see what’s going on, check out the Popeye statue and check out the burger bar, I hear they have a 32oz mug,” said Reynolds.

A short ceremony at 9:30 a.m was attended by Everett’s Mayor and Wynn officials, and members of the gaming commission, but absent was Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Governor Baker and other surrounding community members.

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Casino Opening a Controlled Explosion, Rocket Launch

by Josh Resnek

Each hour brings the city closer to the new era about to dawn in this city.

The opening of the casino and hotel on June 23 is racing closer and closer, causing spirits to rise among those who understand what is about to happen.

This is not a time for naysayers.

It is a time for soaring hopes in the belief that the casino and hotel will bring financial security to the city for decades to come.

If the opening comes off neatly, the success begins there.

This sprawling, almost exotic, testament to Steve Wynn’s genius as a businessman, should become a beacon in the day and the night to those seeking luxury in their hotel accommodations, and the excitement of casino gambling with all the fixings, including Italian food prodigy Frankie DePasquale’s restaurant among many others.

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— Eye on Everett —

Who Cuts the Ribbon with Kickback Carlo at Casino Opening?

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By Josh Resnek

The CEO of Wynn Resorts Matt Maddox came in for a visit here with me on Church Street over the weekend.

It was a surprise visit. He told me not to say a word about it, and I won’t.

He didn’t instruct me not to write about it – so here it is – some of the choice things we discussed during our conversation.

“That was quite a negotiation you had with MGM to sell the place. One day you were selling it. The next day the negotiations were stopped. What’s that all about, Matt,” I asked him.

“That’s all about me playing with the Massachusetts Gaming Commissioners,” he answered. They haven’t seen anything, yet.”

“Are you going to pay the fine, and your own fine – and are you going to allow for a mentor to check on all the decisions you make everyday?” I asked him.

“Josh, Im paying the fines on Tuesday.”

I could feel him getting annoyed.

After all, its hard to annoy a guy making $24 million a year running a legally sanctioned multi – billion money laundering operation.

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