Mayor doesn’t appear impregnable when he refused to debate


The mayor’s refusal to debate his opponents is a sure sign that all is not well with the mayor’s campaign.

His refusal to take part in the Haitian community sponsored debate between the candidates does not do much to improve the perception of the immigrant community in Everett that racial animus stopped him from participating.

Plainly put – the mayor does not care for Blacks and Browns. His failure to hire Blacks and Browns, Hispanics, Brazilians and Asians into city government positions has been his consistent policy for 14 years.

Confident mayors, absolutely sure they are going to win and to be the mayor forever – as this mayor likes to say of himself – will debate anyone, anywhere, at any time about anything.

Not Carlo DeMaria.

He snubbed the Haitian community with his failure to appear Saturday evening at the debate, which was called off.

Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone have been ready for a debate since they announced their candidacies in May.

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