Mediterranean treat hits the spot on a summer day

A plate with taste of the Mediterranean. (Photo by Josh Resnek)


It is hot outside. It is hot inside, even with the air conditioners on.

It is lunchtime and I want a treat.

I desire something light, delicious, with multi-textures and tastes.

Inside my refrigerator all the ingredients I need are chilled just right.

I grab a smaller plate.

I raid the frig.

I cut about eight small balls of fresh mozzarella in half. I do the same with cherry tomatoes.

I drip some organic extra virgin olive oil onto the tomatoes and mozzarella — just a sprinkling to give them some spark.

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Garden to plate veggies found at local farm stand

Kate Jenkins-Sullivan points out locally grown produce at the Everett Community Growers farm stand. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)


The harvesting season has arrived and who doesn’t enjoy the flavor of a freshly picked tomato?

It’s time to head the market – specifically the Everett Community Growers’ Northern Strand Farm stand – for the very freshest, tastiest produce in the area. The garden is tended to by volunteers and paid employees of all ages and has been growing food for Everett residents since 2012. They also contribute to the Bread of Life program.

Tucked in at the beginning of the Everett bike trail, off Wellington and West Street, and open 10-1 pm on Saturday mornings the farm stand has for sale right off the vine produce, vegetables and herbs. Grown in plots next to the trail, on Florence and Tremont Streets you can get tomatoes, kale, beans, eggplant and squash so fresh you may not make it home without taking a bite.

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Shrimp and pasta when you’re hungry and need a meal in less than 15 minutes

Shrimp and pea pods with pasta. (Photo by Josh Resnek)


You get home. You’re starved. You have a few things on hand. You get to work immediately.

In this case, you are making a quick and delightful shrimp scampi type lunch or dinner.

Estimated time – about 12 minutes. Here’s how it works out.

Obviously, you had to shop for the few items that go into this delicious mix.

Chesapeake Bay shrimps are the only shrimps to eat.

You can buy a handful at Whole Foods for less than ten bucks. Pea pods are another wonderful addition, bought at whole foods for a couple bucks, a small handful. They go a long way. They remain fresh and crunchy for quite a while in the refrigerator.

A few very sweet cherry red tomatoes are needed.

Basic spices – a touch of salt and pepper, a bit of oregano. Spaghetti-whatever suits you.

Italian olive oil, of course.

You rush into the kitchen; you get to work.

It is noon. You are hungry.

You boil the shrimps and then skin them. Takes about six minutes to do both.

You take a small frying pan and toss the pea pods, chopped tomatoes into the pan under a small flame. A bit of chopped garlic does the trick as well if you have it on hand. (You never use a high flame. That tends to take the crunch out of the peapods).

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Shrimp scampi, a tasty meal, ready in 10 minutes

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 11.18.40 PM
Shrimp Scampi. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

My twist on a seafood classic


I will never be a chef. But I enjoy cooking. I specially, like tailoring for myself exactly what I am going to eat.

I want what I eat to taste the way I want. Get it?

I also do not like spending much time cooking. I don’t believe you have to.

My recommendation this week during the Coronavirus is a very simple, sweet, tasty, almost healthy for you, shrimp scampi.

Here’s what you need and here’s how its done.

Start to finish – about 10- 12 minutes dependent on how quick you are around the stove.

I use Argentinian larger frozen shrimp bought at Market Basket. A bag filled with them about $9.00, about 20 shrimp.

Boil some water. Drop half dozen shrimps into the pan. Boil until the shrimps develop red vein marks – like boiling a lobster and waiting for its shell to go from almost black to light red.

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Eating healthy starts with switching from processed raisin bran to Ezekiel 4:9

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.39.42 PM.png


My middle son, the lawyer in the family, has gone vegan on us.

If you don’t know what that’s like, then let me give you a ten- cent view into what that means.

My boy looks at everything I eat and really, he wants to vomit.

When he asked me about how I start the day every day I told him I was into a health kick.

“Raisin bran, raisins, blueber- ries and milk,” I told him.

He made a face you cannot imagine.

Here I am thinking I’m starting the day like a health freak and he tells me I’m just killing myself.

What to do?

I switched to what he told me to eat to start the day improving my health and well – being instead of destroying it.

What’s wrong with raisin bran, you ask?


It is filled with sugar and fla- voring, chemicals and all that stuff.

What’s wrong with raisins?

All American raisins are sug- ared. You need to eat natural raisins that are sweet enough on their own.

Turns out the milk I’ve been drinking is the real killer – filled with all kinds of animal steroids elements that clog your arteries and cause cancer instead of providing good health.

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