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About the FBI

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By Josh Resnek

It is difficult to know what exactly the FBI is doing at anytime.

The recent indictment of about 30 rich people and a few television Hollywood celebrities for paying bribes to get their kids higher test scores and acceptance into elite colleges shows what the Boston office of the FBI has been busy with.

The indictments of such rich and fancy people expresses the American ideal that the law applies to everyone – even to the rich and the famous. No one knows this better than Andrew Lelling, the US Attorney for Massachusetts who is prosecuting this case.

The FBI has told the public they conducted wiretaps and listened in on conversations and that participants in the education scam cooperated with the FBI to ensure the leaders of the ring as well as others using their resources to get their kids into better schools.

Lelling shows that he is unafraid of the rich and famous. Getting convictions is what Lelling’s game is all about.

The investigation doesn’t matter if no one goes to jail.

This is why the US Attorneys office tends to be careful about the investigations it conducts.

Investigations that use heavy resources and go nowhere seem to go on endlessly, without finality, ie, indictments.

Such is the case with the casino mess and our mayor, Kickback Carlo.

This we know – the FBI has had its eyes on Everett for more than 6 years for a variety of reasons.

The FBI’s eyes and ears remain on Everett.

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