McKinnon’s Fighting Inflation With Prices For Meat Beyond Compare

A young man strolls past McKinnon’s on Broadway last week.

By Josh Resnek

McKinnon’s prices reflect savings to be gained by consumers that cannot be matched locally, according to a survey of prices for similar items being sold at Market Basket and other larger scale supermarkets.

McKinnon’s Super Butcher Shop & Market cannot compare in size or numbers of items for sale when placed against larger markets.

However, the prices McKinnon’s is charging for New York Sirloin can- not be matched at local markets – and certainly not at Stop and Shop, Whole Foods or even Walmart, which is, of course, a huge retailer of food at more competitive prices.

This being said, McKinnon’s price for Sirloin steaks at $6.98 a pound stands out as an amazing savings if your family is eating meat products.

Sirloin steaks at most major outlets in this are at $16-$20 a pound, and at Whole Foods, the price for New York Sirloin is over the $20 per pound threshold.

Lamb is another product where prices have skyrocketed.

At larger grocery stores the price for lamb is in the $25-$30 per pound range.

At McKinnon’s the price range for lamb is closer to $17 – $20 a pound with different cuts offered at varying discounts.

The price differentials are noticeable and they are, frankly, amazing.

Thousands of local shoppers are held hostage to inflation at the larger supermarkets, where pricing has soared with inflation.

Market Basket in Chelsea and Revere remains the best buy for Everett shoppers, even if meat prices are higher there.

Everything for sale, from paper products, to soda, milk, bread and eggs remains at a discount by comparison to other supermarkets selling the same items.

Also noticeable at the larger supermarkets are empty spaces in many of the aisles as supply chain problems continue to plague the American marketplace.

Again, the shut down of the Everett Stop and Shop marks a moment when Everett consumers will be driven out of the city to do their major shopping for grocery items.

Can you imagine a city of almost 60,000 people without a major supermarket.

Yes, indeed.

It is the city of Everett.

Inflation Dampens Local Economy

By Josh Resnek

Food Prices as they stand today showing full range at the right.

Inflation continues to impact Everett residents at the fuel pump and at the cash register in every way as the economy suffers through a dark period of price rises, price gouging and the value of our money tanking.

The talk now at the Federal Reserve Board is of much higher interest rates, which will cut inflation but which will lead to job losses and a likely recession, according to the nation’s top economists.

The stock market has entered Bear territory, that place where investors never want to be but which is an integral part of our speculative capitalist society.

Stock prices have fallen dramatically and with them, the value of our 401K and IRA accounts.

Housing costs for rentals and home buyers continue to rise even as interest rates continue their rise.

Traditionally, high interest rates lead to falling home prices.

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Fill Up Is No Joke; Or That Is To Say, The Joke Is On Us at $5.00+ Per Gallon

By Josh Resnek

At nearly all the gas stations in Everett, the price for a gallon of gasoline is at $5.00 or more or only slightly under that.

Talk about sticker shock!

The rising price for gasoline is the most harsh example of the inflation we are dealing with.

The straight up price rise represents the inability of the economy and of the national government to dictate the price for gasoline.

Setting the price for gasoline is the world economic marketplace.

In one way, this is a testament to the power and the purity of capitalism.

In another, it is about capitalism’s sick obsession with speculation and profits that gasoline can be climbing higher and higher in price when there is no shortage of gasoline.

That is what makes the out of control price gouging a national embarrassment.

At the beginning of this week, a barrel of oil selling in the international marketplace at almost $120 a barrel.

This represents a remarkable rise from 2021’s $70 a barrel and 2020’s, $40 a barrel.

Translation – we are going to be paying more and more for gasoline, heating oil and diesel fuel.

How high it will go is a matter of how bad the speculation becomes.

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Inflation and Rising Prices Causing Money Difficulties to Magnify

Prices Soar For Gasoline, Food, Clothes, Housing

By Josh Resnek

The inflation blues are hitting home for all of us.

In 2020, the inflation rate was 1.2%.

This month, the inflation rate is at 8.56%. The highest inflation rate during modern time was in 1917 when it reached 19.66%. Inflation erodes our purchasing power. It erodes the value of our paper money.

Energy prices have soared.

They have increased 30.3%.

Gasoline prices have almost doubled.

Filling up our automobiles at more than $4.20 a gallon translate into more than $80 for a 20 gallon fill.

This compares to last year at this time when the same fill could have been done for half the price.

There seems to be no end in the rise right now – a terrifying reality.

Try to buy a new car. Prices are about 12% higher than sticker when you go to pay.

Because the Fed has raised interest rates, loans cost more than several months back.

Home values continue their inflationary rocket ship like behavior.

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Soaring Inflation Bite Hits Our Pockets Steals Our Extra Cash, Causes Concern

By Josh Resnek

Inflation is running away at the moment – and the moment is believed to be expanding every day.

Everett residents, residents in every city and town across the land are fighting rising prices and declining buying power – all of which leads to empty pockets.

Prices for gasoline, home heating fuel, food, clothing, flowers, seeds, fertilizer (most which comes from the Ukraine) and for alcohol, pot, restaurants, airfares, vacations and everything that makes life worth living are soaring.

Automobiles and trucks sell at a premium. Used cars are now as expensive as brand new cars used to be.

Drugs we buy, services that we need, every form of human interaction is now governed by rising inflation.

This includes the value of our homes and properties, and our investments.

Although the value of the US dollar remains high, it is worth right now about 7% less to all of us than it was at this time last year.

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