Ax and You Shall Receive

Everett’s hip edge grows sharper every day. In the spring, the city will boast one of the area’s two new ax-throwing bars. Yes, ax-throwing is a new thing — one that’s being paired with an old thing, alcohol. It might sound comical or hopelessly contradictory. It might make you glance at your fingers in appreciation. But, then again, what else goes with ax-throwing? Yoga or frozen yogurt? Didn’t think so. Continue reading “ODDS & ENDS”

EDITORIALS: January 25

DiBiaso Moves On

Just six weeks ago Everett’s legendary winningest coaching prodigy John DiBiaso announced his retirement after almost 39 years in the Everett Public School system.

His retirement produced lamentations from nearly everyone who realized what a tremendous loss for the city his retirement from our programs would be. Continue reading “EDITORIALS: January 25”