Exelon battling environmental realities to keep Mystic Generating Station open

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Exelon’s Mystic Generating Station.  (Photo by JIM MAHONEY)

Power plant slated to be shuttered in 2024


Exelon, Everett’s largest taxpayer, is fighting for its right not only to continue producing energy at its plant but to do so long after its twilight and end had been planned for in 2024.

Environmentalists in Greater Boston are fighting to close down the power plant, which produces enormous amounts of energy for 1 million New England consumers but does so with an unmatched record locally for polluting the environment.

The Boston Globe published a news piece Monday that hit Exelon like a hammer over the head.

“The towering smokestacks of the state’s largest power plant have loomed for decades over the Boston area, spewing pollutants that produce smog, warm the planet, and exacerbate asthma and other respiratory illnesses, such as the coronavirus,” wrote the Globe.

The Mystic Generating Station as it is known locally, which is located on a sliver of land abutting Everett, was slated to close two years ago.

The City of Everett is presently involved in a law suit seeking more tax money from the entire Exelon position on the Everett coastline. The city has made the claim that the $15 million a year coming into the city treasury does not account for the true value of the company’s real estate and manufacturing assets.

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2020 EHS graduates saluted at drive-thru ceremony

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In one of the most pleasing and improbable scenes in the city’s history, an abbreviated but appropriate 2020 Everett High School Graduation took place Saturday inside the parking lots across the street from the Encore Boston Harbor by Lynde Street.

The event was attended by 100’s.

More than 400 diplomas out of 480 were handed out by EHS Principal Erick Naumann to graduates who arrived in caps and gowns, who showed up in their parents automobiles decorated with balloons and signs, alighted from them and hopped up to one of three deco- rated stages, where officials of the school department handed each of them their hard earned prize during this year of the Coronavirus.

This year’s high school graduates have been forced to socially distance, making traditional high school graduation events untenable in the present virus environment.

From year to year during the past three decades, EHS seniors were the recipients not just of their diplomas but with highly organized graduation exercises which included speeches, the award of prizes and scholarships, and private parties and cook- outs throughout the weekend with graduates from years before.

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Local youth remember George Floyd, others during peaceful vigil

An emotional, yet peaceful vigil Sunday honored many people who have died during conflicts with police including George Floyd. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


A small but stirring memorial for George Floyd, the unarmed black man killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis almost two weeks ago, was organized by younger people in the city’s Black community and held at Glendale Park Sunday from 6-8 p.m..

Protests against racism have riveted the nation since Floyd was killed and his killers jailed.

The protests have been worldwide, highlighting the scourge of racism and what it does to our society as well as to those who are the recipients of it.

A wide range of passionate, youthful speakers delivered eulogies for Floyd as well as speaking out about racial justice.

Crowd estimates ranged from 150-200, according to local police.

The crowd was largely black and Hispanic.

Everyone was wearing facemasks and socially distancing.

It was a racially mixed event with many young white people attending as well.

The speakers decried police brutality and racism.

Last week, the city government held a Zoom vigil for Floyd, with several public officials and a few religious leaders expressing their sentiments.

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Outdoor dining may resume next week

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Iyana Iraheta and Consuelo Lopez wave to a La Hacienda restaurant employee after picking up their food as restaurants prepare to reopen for seated dining. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Gov. Charlie Baker has announced the start of his Phase Two reopening plan, with, among other things, the partial reopening of restaurants, perhaps starting next week.

Local restaurants which have remained closed, and those food locations where meals or salads and subs are served inside, and which have also been closed, will likely be allowed to reopen but for outside dining only.

The restaurant plan comes with a “significant caveat,” to wit: it will be limited to outdoor dining.

Throughout Everett, very few restaurants have the space on their sidewalks or at the front of their locations to seat more than five or ten people at small tables at the most.

In most of the city’s neighborhoods, residents would likely be put off by restaurants crowding sidewalks with tables and chairs – and then there’s the question about alcohol being served outside.

Public safety requirements here do not allow for sidewalk eateries outside except for a handful of location, included among them, the popular 8/10 Restaurant on Norwood Street, which has offered outside service for several summers without incident.

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Genesis G70 Sport is love at first sight

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The Genesis G70 sedan gets your attention. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Head-turning sporty sedan looks as fast as it is


This was love at first sight. Then I drove the Genesis G70 3.3T, and the deal was sealed.

A recent article in Motor trend Magazine stated it pretty simply: sometimes you just look at a car and say, “Yes, they got it right.”

This four door sports se- dan looks great from every angle, its curves, swirls and bends perfectly proportioned. LED headlights frame a blacked-out, honey combed grill. Low profile tires on dark spoked wheels with Brembo brakes and live fender vents make this a driver’s machine.

And man, does it like to be driven. Pop the G70 into Sport mode, and the 3.3 liter, 365HP, twin-turbo V-6 provides instant, smooth power. The 8-speed automatic transmission defies turbo lag, calmly finding the correct gear for the all- wheel drive. An appreciative dual exhaust growls without breaking windows.

Instant steering response and crisp handling flowing from its sport-tuned suspension make driving the G70 a dream.

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