Computers handed out for online distance learning

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Everett Public School’s staff and volunteers distribute chromebooks to families. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Jim Mahoney

Filled with parents and students, patiently waiting for their turn to receive Chromebooks from Everett Public School employees, the line of cars queued up on Dexter St.

A chilly wind sweeping through the parking lot didn’t deter waves of EPS teachers, officials and families, some on foot, from getting the computers. The laptops will allow the cities kids to use the online distance learning programs from their homes.

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Ford Ranger Lariat ready to roll

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2020 Supercrew FX4 will take you from street to trails

By Jim Mahoney

Get your crew rolling stylishly with this urban pickup truck.

Featuring a nice combination of agility, toughness and curb appeal, the 2020 Ford Ranger Lariat Supercrew 4×4 continues make a mark in the small-midsized pickup market.

Throwing elbows with the beast of the small to midsized pick up category Toyota Tacoma, popular GMC/Chevy entries Canyon and Colorado, and another rejuvenated truck the Jeep Gladiator, the second-year Ranger has quickly made strong inroads on market share.

With muscular Ford styling, this pickup does resemble its popular big brother, the F-150, and handles all the same rough and tumble environments but with a smaller footprint.

Equipped with the upgraded FX4 off-road package, which includes bigger shocks, skid plates, electronic locking differential and a four-mode terrain management system, the Ranger easily tackles trails and worksites.

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Lincoln Aviator Hybrid takes off in style

2020 Lincoln Aviator Hybrid

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By Jim Mahoney

“Say, isn’t that the truck Matthew what’s his name drives?”

“Well yes, it is the mid-sized Lincoln Aviator SUV that actor Matthew McConaughey drives in the commercials,” I answered.

And you can take flight in one too.

Powered by a 3.0 Liter V6 Touring Hybrid engine, the seven- passenger 2020 Aviator Black Label is loaded with leather clad luxury and, combined with the 75-watt electric motor, provides good fuel economy rated at an average 23 plus miles per gallon. With six drive modes and a combined 494 HP the SUV can tackle most driving conditions and offers some stylish off-roading capabilities.

This elegant SUV glides down the highway riding on 21-inch multi- spoked wheels, all-wheel drive, and air suspension. The steering has a nice light touch, and the SUV handles nimbly despite its large foot print.

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