Rep. Joe McGonagle Announces His Candidacy For Re-Election

Rep. Joe McGonagle

Dear Residents of Everett,

I write to you today to announce my candidacy for re-election as your State Representative for the 28th Middlesex District. I humbly ask for your support as I seek my fifth term in the House of Representatives so I can continue building upon the successes of my previous tenure and delivering for Everett.

As a lifelong resident of Everett, I have seen this City grow and evolve. Many things have changed since the days I was little kid playing in the street but I have learned to embrace these changes and that the best way I can serve Everett is to grow and evolve with it.

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Three pull papers for rep race: Can McGonagle pull it out again?

By Josh Resnek

Will disgraced Councilor Anthony DiPierro, beset by a litany of anti-Black and Brown racist comments and calls for him to resign, be leading Representative Joe McGonagle’s campaign in the upcoming election contest?

That is the question.

“No he will not,” McGonagle told the Leader emphatically during a telephone interview Monday afternoon.

“He will have nothing to do with my re-election effort,” he added.

To date, McGonagle, Councilor Mike Marchese and Guerline Alcy, an at large candidate for city council who lost by five votes last time out, have taken out papers.

They have all been gathering signatures for the battle to follow.

Most political observers agree – McGonagle is hard to beat but not impossible to beat.

Alcy revealed a great deal of strength running for at large council.

She is expected to roll that over into her repertoire to give McGonagle a real challenge.

As a Black woman, as a longtime resident, and as one of the Haitian community’s most popular advocates, Alcy will do very well.

But she needs help.

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We agree with Rep. McGonagle

Representative Joe McGonagle suggested to the city council two weeks ago that so-called “nip” bottles of liquor should be banned from being sold in Everett liquor stores.

He suggested that banning the ugly, useless, empty plastic bottles strewn all over the city’s sidewalks and streets would put an end to the city being trashed by them.

You know what?

Representative McGonagle is right.

The city chose not to do as he suggested.

Our belief is that an opportunity was lost to get rid of the “nip” menace which is pervasive.

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McGonagle laments missing St. Patrick’s Day gala

Just as we thought things couldn’t get worse during this period of the pandemic, we come to St. Patrick’s Day again, with no celebration by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick headed up by Everett’s popular state Rep. Joe McGonagle.

This will be the second year in a row without a Friendly Sons dinner and political roast.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day without a public celebration, the traditional dinner and the Irish music is a shame, especially for McGonagle.

From year to year for many years, he has put his heart and soul into the annual celebration.

“We must continue the battle against the virus and then next year we’ll have a major celebration,” McGonagle told the Leader Herald.

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