DeMaria Campaign Contribution Irregularities Identified By OCPF

State claims excess contributions received

By Josh Resnek

The DeMaria Jr. Campaign Committee apparently owes $7,050 for excessive contributions it apparently received from 9 individual contributors during 2022, according to the Office for Campaign and Finance following a review by the agency of donations made to the mayor.

Nine different contributors gave more than the legally allowed amount to the DeMaria Jr. Campaign Committee, OCPF alleges.

OCPF instructed the DeMaria Committee that contributions are limited to $1,000 a year per individual for a candidate’s committee.

The DeMaria Committee was given until December 1 to answer OCPF’s review and or to pay back the money that had been improperly accepted.

The mayor was sent a copy of the OCPF report.

The mayor did not respond to the Leader Herald’s inquiry about whether or not the excessive payments had been returned.

This OCPF review followed another instance of campaign contribution irregularities identified by the state campaign watchdog in a report issued last week.

That report detailed an investigation into donations made by local businessman Greg Antonelli to the DeMaria Campaign with illegally funneled campaign contributions made to the campaign through family members, according to a public statement issued by OCPF.

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Alleged Sex Assault Victims Deliver Disturbing Impact Statements

Former superintendent remains contrite; decides to go to trial

By Josh Resnek

Former Everett Superintendent of Schools Frederick F. Forestiere asked Judge Emily Karstetter for a plea change in Malden District Court Friday morning.

He asked the court to grant him a continuation without a finding, which would have meant he admitted to the facts lodged against him, without pleading guilty to the findings.

His pension would be saved.

If he came through a period of probation without any slip-ups, he would be a free man.

The judge would have none of it.

Judge Karstetter, in refusing Foresteire’s tender of a continuation without a finding, accepted the prosecutor’s recommendation of 18 months in the House of Correction, loss of pension and registration as a sex offender.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts defendants have the right to tender a plea at any time. These are known as “defendant cap” pleas, meaning, the defendant has the right to accept or reject the judge’s recommendation.

In this case, Foresteire and his lawyer decided to reject the judge’s decision in favor of a trial.

When all was said and done with proceedings inside Judge Karstetter’s court room Friday morning, Foresteire had withdrawn his proposed plea change.

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City could face a world of hurt; Legal fees could total $millions

By Josh Resnek

For five months, there had been only silence coming from the top echelons of city hall about the Federal Investigation into racism and discrimination in Everett that had been announced last June by US Attorney Rachael Rollins.

US Attorney Rachel Rollins As is typical of such investigations, the US Attorney’s office does not comment on ongoing investigations and had not commented on the Everett investigation.

The institutional belief that this was just another smokescreen for an investigation that would yield nothing became a prominent feature of idle talk among city hall denizens over the months.

Then came the sudden Monday night appearance at the city council meeting of Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery and the city’s counsel, Attorney Linda Ricci of Greenberg Traurig seeking the payment of a $500,000 legal bill that had been run up since the day after the Federal investigation had been announced last June.

This came as a total surprise to the unwitting city council.

So too did the likelihood of another $500,000 invoice to be paid coming on the heels of this first invoice for the same amount.

Bottom line, the city is facing well over $1 million in legal fees to defend itself against allegations of racism and discrimination – and the case has not really begun in its fullest iteration.

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Former Everett firefighter on sexual predator list accused of rape, stripped of award presented to him by EFD

By Josh Resnek

Wendy Poste, a lifelong Everett resident, has been trying to bring to justice former Everett fire fighter Albert Murphy, who she claims, drugged her and raped her in Salisbury in 2019.

The former firefighter is believed to have moved to Mexico.

Poste’s efforts to prosecute a rape charge against the former firefighter have been ongoing since the alleged rape.

Reports of the alleged rape were filed with the Salisbury Police Department.

Law enforcement has not positively responded to her repeated accusations for justice claiming there is not enough evidence to sustain her rape claims.

Further discovery reveals that former Everett firefighter Murphy pleaded guilty to indecent assault and battery of a child under 14 years of age in Salisbury in 1996.

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Will Alcy Charge Mayor In Court With Exposing Himself To Her?

By Josh Resnek

Guerline Alcy has charged Mayor Carlo DeMaria with exposing himself to her inside his city hall office while she was employed by the city. The allegations by the married mother of three children against the mayor have not been publicly denied or acknowledged by the mayor.

The mayor has turned to attorneys he is presently using in a law suit to subpoena Alcy in the hope of questioning her about her allegations.

Alcy has hired legal counsel, apparently.

Alcy has alleged that she was sexually assaulted as well as harassed and discriminated and retaliated against.

Alcy is Black. She was born in Haiti. She has lived in Everett for two decades.

Her legal counsel is presently bringing himself up to speed with the allegations, which were published in the Leader Herald three weeks ago, according to sources familiar with the case.

Alcy alleged that she was sexually harassed by the mayor repeatedly and overlooked for higher positions during the course of her nine year employment with the city.

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