State sues local companies for asbestos violations

A.G. says public health at risk with unsafe worksites

An Everett construction company and its president have been sued over claims of illegal work on asbestos water mains in Everett and Braintree, along with the Boston and Revere companies that transported the asbestos waste and illegally stored it at their Revere facility, Attorney General Maura Healey announced today.

“We allege that these defendants put the health of the public and their workers at risk by conducting illegal and unsafe asbestos work in the middle of city streets, including in environmental justice communities that already bear disproportionate environmental risks,” said Healey. “We will hold accountable people and companies who violate the laws intended to protect the public from this dangerous material.”

The AG’s lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court Monday, alleges that GTA Co., Inc. and its president, Gregory T. Antonelli, violated the state’s Clean Air Act when they removed and demolished asbestos-containing municipal water pipes without complying with required asbestos work practices as part of the water main replacement projects the City of Everett and the Town of Braintree hired them to complete.

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Wynn wins

JUNE 24: The Encore Boston Harbor. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Court rules in favor of casino over price paid for Monsanto land


The Wynn Corporation has succeeded in putting to rest the last lawsuit against its presence on the former Monsanto site.

A Suffolk Superior Court judge has ruled that FBT, the owners of the land who conveyed it to Wynn Corporation, will not receive another dime for the property.

FBT had been seeking an additional $40 million over the $35 million sale price believing it was owed that money.

The Massachusetts Gam- ing Commission cut the land price to Wynn after FBT had been shown to have a convicted felon as one of its original owners.

Judge Kenneth Salinger ordered in a 12-page decision released June 16 that a final judgment be entered dismiss- ing the claims of FBT Everett Realty, LLC against the MGC with prejudice, and also dismissed the third-party claims by the MGC against Wynn MA, LLC, with prejudice.

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City pays harassment victim $250K

Former Wellness Center employee had suffered abuse, bullying


The City of Everett or its insurer has allegedly paid a victim of sexual harassment and bullying at the Wellness Center $250,000, according to a variety of sources, all of whom wished to remain unnamed.

The city has not indicated that its lawyers or outside counsel have negotiated such a settlement.

The mayor refused to comment on the situation.

“This matter should be reviewed in its entirety and, if it did in fact occur, anyone involved with this disturbing conduct should be held fully accountable. We, as a community, have an obligation to provide a respectful and safe environment for employees residents, and the general public,” mayoral candidate councilor Fred Capone told the Leader Herald.

For all intents and purposes, the city has hushed up the settlement this, despite the promise made to mayoral candidate and city councilor at large Gerly Adrien.

Adrien got the city solicitor’s office to agree to publish all settlements and actions against the city and their outcome several months ago.

No such mention of the settlement has been forthcoming from the city solicitor’s office or the mayor.

The victim has likely been ordered not to comment on the settlement.

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— Eye on Everett —

“Let me tell you how things work in Everett.

– Josh Resnek to the mayor’s Blue Suit


I don’t like eating in anymore but for the Blue Suit, I made an exception.

I picked him up outside the mansion on Abbot Street shortly before noon Tuesday.

It was so hot you could have fried an egg on the street.

Add to this, the air conditioning doesn’t work in my Honda Fit.

“Oh my God,” the Blue Suit complained.

“You’ve got to be kidding me about the air conditioning.

I’ll tell you this, Josh, the mayor’s house is central air, on all the time. You might think we live in Florida. It is soooo cold inside that house it sometimes feels like the refrigerator at an ice company,” the Blue Suit added.

We drove to Oliveira’s on Broadway.

The Blue Suit loves Brazilian food. We did the buffet.

When the Blue Suit finished piling food onto his plate, he went to the meat grilling area.

When he got to the end of the line and the girl weighed his plate, it was three pounds!

“Are you nuts?” I asked him.

“Why?” he answered.

“A three-pound plate…are you kidding me?”

“A man’s got to eat,” he said to me.

We sat down in the main dining room, which is quite lovely.

He forked grilled chicken, lamb, and rare beef into hi mouth.

I ate from a much lesser plate.

“Have you been reading the column?” I asked him.

“Are you serious? Of course, I read it. The mayor reads it, too. He gets really nasty on Wednesdays when the Leader Herald comes out,” he added.

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City sued for discrimination

Former acting EPS superintendent Gauthier claims age, race bias conspiracy prevented her from interviewing


Former acting superintendent Janice Gauthier has filed suit in Middlesex Superior Court against the city and the school committee alleging she was overlooked deliberately and eliminated from the competition to ascend to the superintendent’s position because of her age, and because she is a Caucasian.

In the lawsuit, she alleges a conspiracy based on her age and her color – she was 70 when she resigned in disgust in 2019 after not being allowed to interview for the job now held by Superintendent Priya Tahiliani, and for not being allowed to resume employment in her former position, Director of Curriculum.

Gauthier is white.

The new superintendent is a woman of color. She is asking for judgments on a number of items in the lawsuit.

However, no one in a position of responsibility knows how much she is asking for, which is the chief question being asked around the city among those who are discussing the matter.

No one in a position of responsibility in Everett was willing to speak on the record about the lawsuit or its iterations.

Several who spoke to the Leader Herald on the condition of anonymity said that the mayor very likely put Gauthier up to the lawsuit and that the mayor released news of it privately, before Gauthier’s attorney had the chance to make it public.

No one in the mayor’s office would comment on the matter.

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