Only one outside legal fee matters

Since 2017, the city of Everett has spent $2.6 million for outside legal fees.

KP Law accounts for much of the year to year outside legal fees.

KP Law does a great job.

The city is well served by KP Law.

The vast amount of the money spent for outside legal fees went to former Governor William Weld and the law firm he represents, Mintz Levin.

The city paid Weld, et al more than $1.2 million in 2018 for his representation with regard to the city’s lawsuit against Eversource.

As far as we know, that lawsuit failed miserably to redetermine what the assessment for the Eversource land along the Mystic River is worth and how much it should be taxed by the city.

A determination still hangs in the balance.

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City won’t stop $750 an hour pay for mayor’s legal tab

Some members turn blind eye on Pappalardo fee


During these trying times there is always the hope that the city council will stand up and be counted when the mayor’s wastefulness, greed and his foolishness, go well beyond the boundaries of common sense.

Except for several councilors, most of those from the business private sector are afraid of the mayor, the way city employees are afraid of the mayor, the same way the mayor would like the Leader Herald to be afraid of him.

When the mayor informed the city council several weeks ago that the city will be paying his attorney $750 an hour to review what is written and spoken about him in the local press and on the Internet on social media, most members of the city council looked the other way.

Now, with the city laying off hundreds of employees to plug a debt hole that cannot be filled, residents, quite rightfully, are questioning why they, the taxpayers, should be paying the mayor’s self-generated legal bills.

The city council’s quiet about the matter is predictable. No one wants to get involved. No one wants to challenge the mayor.

The mayor is a Donald Trump clone the way he treats people. He is much worse the way he spends taxpayer dollars. He says one thing. He does another. What’s on his mind is himself.

Every councilor knows the city paying for the mayor’s legal representation is wrong, a total waste of taxpayer dollars when the ship is sinking but only three councilors will stand up and be counted: Fred Capone, Gerly Adrien, Mike McLaughlin.

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Indictment underscores importance of mayor coming clean re: legal expenses

By Josh Resnek

The city council’s attempt to have Mayor Carlo DeMaria reveal why he has spent more than $200,000 from his campaign finance account for criminal attorneys was underscored Tuesday afternoon by the Federal indictment of Representative David Nangle for misusing his campaign fund account for personal expenses.

Persistent questioning of the mayor’s use of campaign funds for criminal attorneys, and his refusal to be forthcoming about the nature of the representation and whether or not it is for personal reasons – and if not – for what reason – is now coming to a head.

A review of the mayor’s expenditures is apparently being conducted by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Five members of the city council are adamant that the mayor reveal what the legal expenses are for.

During the first week of March, the mayor has been asked to appear before the city council committee of the whole to answer such questions. Councilors Mike Marchese, Gerly Adrien, Fred Capone, and Mike McLaughlin are insistent that the mayor needs to answer for his legal expenses and what they are for.

“It’s time for the mayor to come clean,” Marchese told the Leader Herald.

In addition, a local resident has asked for the city to reveal what the mayor’s proffer with the US Attorney’s office is all about.

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Mayor Raising Money to Pay For Legal Bills?

Certainly Appears That Way

By Josh Resnek

The mayor is planning a fundraiser in November at Anthony’s in Malden on the same evening the E-Club is having its annual dinner and scholarship awards night.

The convergence of these two events attracting so many of the same people has raised some eyebrows in local political circles.

The mayor’s campaign account is apparently close to empty and in need of a shot in the arm in order for the mayor to continue paying criminal attorneys who represent him.

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The Mayor’s Legal Expenses: Marchese Wants Answers

by Josh Resnek

Why is the mayor paying hefty monthly legal fees for criminal attorneys to represent him? This is a question Councillor Mike Marchese has raised in response to a Herald Leader investigative report last week which revealed the mayor has paid, and is likely continuing to pay, huge legal fees, so far $130,000, to criminal attorneys.

That report included detailed records of the payments made, when they were made, who they were paid, to and how much they were.

The criminal attorney fees are all being paid from the mayor’s campaign account.
The bulk of the fees have been paid to Greenberg Traurig, a huge national law firm with an office at International Place in Boston. Greenberg Traurig specializes in representing individuals involved in Federal investigations and other criminal matters.

Marchese says the mayor paying such fees from month to month indicates something could be wrong. He said a number of his constituents and friends asked him questions about the report over the weekend.

“This is not just about the mayor, rather, it is about the city and the right to know if he’s facing criminal legal problems,” said Marchese. “If the mayor is facing a legal problem, a criminal investigation by the FBI and the US Attorney’s office, then I believe the council as a whole needs to know what’s up. The mayor needs to meet with us and let us know what’s going on,” Marchese told the Leader Herald.

Marchese said he will be filing a motion for the entire council to meet in executive session with the mayor within two weeks to let him discuss the matter and to explain exactly what is going on.

The mayor did not answer a request for comments on the matter. Several councilors reached by the Leader Herald declined to comment until the mayor was given the right to explain what exactly is going on.

“Every councilor has a responsibility to the city charter, which requires us to ask questions of the mayor if we believe the well being of the city might be compromised,” Marchese said. “Everett as a host city could be at risk if the mayor is in trouble,” Marchese added.

When Gaming Commission spokesperson Elaine Driscoll was asked whether or not the city’s host city status could be effected if the mayor is under a Federal investigation or another criminal matter, she said she wouldn’t answer a hypothetical comment.

“I decline to comment,” she said.

In answer to a question asking whether or not anyone on the Gaming Commission was under criminal investigation, Driscoll said, “No.”

An e-mail request to Greenberg Traurig’s Director of Media Operations, Lourdes Brezo Martinez, for information about the representation being provided by the law firm for the mayor was unsuccessful.