Letter to the Editor

Dear School Committee Members,

To say I am disappointed by the derogatory statement made by SC member Mr. Marcus toward Ms Paula Sterite from his official seat while the school committee meeting was in session for public participation is an under statement.

It is upsetting to see anyone’s first amendment rights infringed upon, especially during a governed public open meeting. For SC member Mr Marcus, an elected public official, attempt to bully, harass, embarrass, suppress or ridicule a public speaker during an official open city public meeting is totally unacceptable and must be immediately addressed.

He should step down, he has proven to be unfit to serve. This is not the first time he has behaved inappropriately during in session meetings where he had to be spoken to by the chair.

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Letter to Editor

Thank You for Fighting for What is Right

Mr. Resnek,

I wanted to thank you for speaking at the council meeting. Although I live in Revere now, I was raised in the village section of Everett.

I cannot believe what is happening in Everett right now. You said what all of us who love Everett want to say, the silence of the council is deafening.

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DiPierrro Snubbed Me With A Wave of His Hand and A Smirk 

My name is Donna Steriti. I have lived in Everett for approximately 35 years. I volunteered on the Capone mayoral campaign because I think Fred is one of the most decent politicians I have ever met and I am disturbed by the way this administration acts and has been running this city for some time now. 

I have to admit that like many other people, I was woefully unaware of a lot of things that were going on but your paper and my involvement with the campaign proved to be very enlightening on many matters. 

As a result, I have been attending many of the city council meetings, specifically when the mayor’s longevity pay is on the agenda. I was in attendance on Thursday and was disgusted by the vote to give the mayor $2500/yr. especially since they had voted the previous week to limit it to $1700/yr.in line with other city department heads. Quite honestly, I don’t believe he should get a single penny. He is EXTREMELY well compensated without any bonus. 

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Join me and vote Fred Capone for mayor


Everett faces perhaps the most pivotal election in our city’s history. I’m hoping by now everyone understands the character of the man who works in the corner office on the 3rd floor of City Hall. If not, Google It. To save you some effort, I’ll just tell my story:

Twenty years ago, I was a volunteer on Jarrett Barrios’ campaign for State Senate. Former Senator Barrios had an opponent in that campaign, Alderman Carlo DeMaria.

At the time, I wrote a letter to the editor of a local paper in response to an attack advertisement that was run against Senator Barrios. My letter contained nothing negative, just positive messaging for the campaign I was heavily involved in.

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Supporting small business owners

Dear Editor,

My name is Gerly Adrien. I am running a people-powered campaign to become the next Mayor of Everett. As a Small Business Owner, I have experienced what it means to take each day step by step. But as a current City Councilor At-Large, I’m also aware of the potential this city must create opportunities for all of us – especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. This is why I am introducing my initial “Supporting Small Business Owners” plan this week. Furthermore, I welcome all feedback and suggestions.

My husband, David Lindsey and I always wanted to start a small business. We wanted a space where everyone was welcomed and felt at home. We have been small business owners for 3 years now. Tipping Cow Ice Cream (www.tippingcowicecream.com), which provides nut-free and dairy-free options, is in Somerville, MA, near the neighborhood I was born in. Tipping Cow was awarded Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston 2020 for Best Ice Cream, Food Network Magazine’s Best ice cream for Massachusetts for 2021, and Top 40 Ice Cream across the country. We are opening our second location in Boston in the Charles Speedway. We understand what it means to save up and wait for customers to come by. We know what it means to have rent increases. I love being a Small Business Owner and know small business owners are the lifeline to cities like Everett.

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