Are we dreaming or are these prices for lobster real? They are painfully for real!

Whole Foods advertises sale and sea food special delights. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Like many of us, I am a Market Basket shopper, and McKinnon’s shopper.

I try to stay away from spending $200 a basket for groceries when I shop.

I am also attracted to Whole Foods for a variety of reasons. I shop there for treats I cannot get at other markets.

When I find them, paying for them at the check out counter can be painful.

Inflation and conspicuous consumption are ever present at Whole Foods.

Nowhere does the face of runaway inflation present itself outrageously than it does at Whole Foods for some of the popular items sold there.

For instance, when I was last at Whole Foods I went to the fish counter.

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A July 4 lobster dinner at a friend’s house


I eat lobster once or twice a year.

When lobster rolls weren’t $30 – $50 as they are today, I used to enjoy them a half dozen times a year.

I have lost much of my fascination with lobster. The higher prices are one thing. My desire for lobster going down is another.

I don’t know what it is. lobster just doesn’t turn me on as a food treat the way it used to.

That being said, I was invited with my wife to a best friend’s home for a late afternoon lobster treat on July 3.

Frankly, I was looking forward to it as I hadn’t eaten lobster since last year.

Please keep in mind, our best friend is what my late father would have called “well to do.” She lives very comfortably in a large home down the street from mine.

Despite having millions of dollars on hand, she is a Market Basket devote, with an eye always on saving money, cutting expenses, buying food at the right price, and on and on.

She would rather cut her arms off than pay $49.95 a pound for lobster meat out of the shell. I share her general feeling about that, by the way.

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