— Eye on Everett —

Money, money, MONEY!

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By Josh Resnek

Last week I wrote about the mayor’s salary, about $180,000 a year and rising. His salary is perhaps one of the highest in the state and in the nation for a mayor, higher than the mayor of Boston who gets $175,000. It is higher than any mayor of a small city like Everett in the United States.

I estimate paying for mayor’s office salaries for everyone presently aboard – you know – salaries, health insurance, and vacations must be in the $1.5 million yearly range. In a four-year period, that’s $6 million for the mayor of Everett to run his office, an office he is largely absent from and which he is obviously bored with and tired of.

Why, I wonder, can a pittance like $2.5 million matter to the mayor – a millionaire himself who lives a millionaire’s existence?

DiDomenico Meeting.jpg
Senator Sal DiDomenico shown above last week urging his friend the mayor to transfer $2.5 million from the gen-eral fund to the public schools as intended.

The to do over the mayor refusing to transfer $2.5 million of school aid intended for the Everett Public Schools has taken a new twist and turn.