COVID expands, hospitals fill nationwide

SEPTEMBER 4: Renato Trombini of Know the Facts, Get the Vax program with a flier. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Everett at about %70 vaccinated, school masks requirements in force


If you listen to Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karen Polito talk about it, the virus can and has been contained in Massachusetts because the population here is not at odds about being vaccinated and to wear masks and to social distance.

“Our figures are a reflection of the high standards we keep in the state of Massachusetts. Massachusetts residents don’t have to be sold on the advantage of paying attention to science over superstition,” Polito told the Leader Herald.

Here in Everett, about 70% of the residents have been vaccinated against the COVID-19, according to Massachusetts Department of Health officials.

This is good but not good enough.

With 30% of the Everett population not vaccinated, a lot of room is left for the COVID-19 virus to find a home and to hang around, and to grow.

If enough spreader-type events take place among those largely unvaccinated, Massachusetts will suffer the consequences as a result.

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CDC, state drop facemasks mandate

Last day will be May 29


The CDC’s decision to allow those who have been vaccinated not to wear masks outside and inside, in some cases, has caused a great deal of confusion with the American public.

MAY 16: Everett residents continue to wear masks on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Now comes the decision by Governor Charlie Baker to drop all COVID-19 face mask restrictions on May 29.

This will include dropping as well most nearly all restrictions that have been in place since last March.

Here in Everett, the loosening of face mask restrictions outdoors by the CDC has done little to change the habits of the past year.

Most Everett residents are still seen wearing facemasks inside and outside, despite the policy change.

Governor Charlie Baker has allowed some restrictions regarding facemasks to remain in force until after the May 20.

It is expected Massachusetts will soon dispose of face mask mandates as we return to a new normal in the post-pandemic era.

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EPS receives gift of facemasks to battle virus

Thanks to a very generous anonymous donation, the Everett Public Schools has received a gift of more than 800 sets of reusable N95 masks, enough for every staff member in the district. The masks are designed to be worn for one day, and then stored for reuse seven days later. They do not require washing.

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Face masks mandatory

Tatiana Pirella wears a facemask as she waits for a bus with her father on Broadway. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

City intensifies effort to put cap on Coronavirus


Face coverings are now required in all indoor and outdoor venues throughout the city in all its public places, following an edict put into motion by city hall over the weekend.

Those failing to pay heed to the edict will face fines up to $300, according to officials at city hall.

The intensified battle to control and or to erase the virus locally began Monday.

This edict is consistent with new fears that an uptick in virus cases in Massachusetts might be signaling a new wave of infected.

The city’s police, health and inspectional services departments will strictly enforce the guidelines and can issue warnings and or violations to those not adhering to the face mask order.

Restaurant patrons must be wearing their face masks when they walk into all local restaurants and food outlets but are allowed to remove their masks in order to eat – so long as the seating is properly social distanced with six feet between tables.

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