Is An Encore Performance Facility Across The Street From The Casino Allowed

Encore has filed plans for a large expansion using its current parking lots. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Questions Raised About Proposed Performance Venue

By Josh Resnek

During the first week of December when Encore announced it is going to build an 1,800 seat performance venue for concerts, and sporting events across from the casino on land it owns, the proposal was met with wows by Everett officials.

It will cost many millions to build such a facility and with the added parking garage in the development package, such a facility was perceived as an adjunct to the casino property across the street.

With such a facility, Encore’s client base could be expanded geometrically, and especially on the nights of performances attracting thousands of people who would ultimately saunter across the street, over the proposed bridge, and finish off the night gaming at the casino. The only problem?

State gaming laws blocks performance venues at casinos.


Because local theater owners and such facilities in Greater Boston might be negatively affected.

The state law prevents entertainment venues ranging in size from 1,000 to 3,500 seats from being built in casinos. But Wynn plans to build the venue across the street from the Encore property and bring in a separate business, most likely Big Night Entertainment Group, to operate it. And Wynn says the venue will operate without a subsidy from the casino, according to a recent report in the Boston Globe.

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Encore November figures tank

DECEMBER 10: The sun sets near the Encore Boston Harbor resort. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Steep drop follows dramatic rise

By Josh Resnek

Gaming revenues fell by more than 12% or $7.6 million at Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel last month.

Total gaming revenues came in at $55.6 million for November, sinking to $55.6 million in revenues, according to official figures released by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission late last week.

Gaming table revenues slumped rather dramatically, falling by more than $5.4 million. Slot machine revenues dropped but not as significantly as gaming table revenues.

Slot machine revenues declined by $2.1 million.

“It is impossible to know what exactly caused such a downturn in revenues. Encore is hard to get to. There have been a number of higher profile incidents reported by police. This could factor into it. Also, it is hard to know just who stayed away. Who didn’t comer to the casino who had been coming to the casino and caused its numbers to spike during the past three months?” said a casino analyst who wished to remain unnamed.

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Encore revenues decline in August

Mass Gaming Commission revenue report . (Courtesy of the MGC)


Revenues at Encore in Everett soared in July but fell an unexpected $2 million in August.

More than $57 million in gaming revenues made August a success but the expectation industry-wide had been for a broader expansion of gaming revenues.

The $2 million decline was surprising but not unusual for the industry which tends to experience big gains and steep declines from time to time.

Casino analysts said the $2 million downturn was not significant enough to note anything but a month-to-month decline.

They also reiterated that the coming of online sports betting to Massachusetts at some point is going to vastly increase Encore’s revenues.

Slot revenues declined by $1.5 million over July’s, which had soared previously by $4 million over July’s.

Slot revenues came in at $32.4 million.

Table game revenues increased by about $300,000.

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