Encore gaming income drops about $3.5 million in November over October

By Josh Resnek

Just when it appeared that gaming figures were reaching new heights at Encore, a modest slowdown in November put a mild damper on the extraordinary income flow that has been produced there for the past six months.

October revenues came in at about $62 million.

November’s was $59 million.

That being said, the implementation of sports gaming to be allowed at the casino in the next quarter is certain to cause a quantum leap in gaming income for Encore.

Exactly how much in gaming revenue will be generated remains a mystery until the electronic sports gaming component at Encore is activated.

It is expected sports gaming will be up and running by mid-January.

Industry sources claim sports gaming revenues could add tens of millions of dollars to the monthly take at Encore.

The New England sports betting mania is well known across the nation.

For decades, bettors used local bookmakers to make bets on sporting events.

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Expansion should come with high price tag for Encore

(Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Two weeks ago we reported that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) is studying development plans submitted by Encore intending to grow their gambling and entertainment venues with a complex across the street from the casino and hotel on Broadway.

Two weeks ago we predicted the MGC will pass Encore’s request with flying colors after a thorough vetting of the plans.

Any other decision would be incomprehensible for the rubber stamp MGC.

And why not?

Encore has been a good neighbor since arriving here.

The expansion of the casino has been discussed for quite a few months already. The plans have gone through a number of iterations.

Wynn Resorts’ newest vision for the company’s land across Broadway from its Encore Boston Harbor casino in Everett includes a great deal of new development – two hotels with ballrooms, three parking garages, a theater, restaurants, clubs — 1.8 million square feet of development in all.

Of greatest interest and potential is the expansion of gambling from the casino to the new development which will include a poker room and sports-book facility.

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Encore Reports $62 Million Income in October With Another Robust Month

By Leader Herald Staff

New England’s premier juggernaut gaming location, Encore, has reported yet another banner month with more than $62 million in gam- ing revenues in October, according to figures released by the Massachusetts Gaming Com- mission last week.

This was the second consecutive month with gaming revenues in the $62 million territory during a record setting sprint leading to the end of what was a very successful year in the post COVID world.

September revenues at Encore came in at $61.8 million.

Table games at Encore produced more than $28 million in October.

Slot machines again led the gaming revenue at Encore with $33.6 million.

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Massachusetts Gaming Commission Issues $25,000 Fine To Big Night Entertainment

Memoire night club receives civil administrative penalty following multiple alcohol overservice

Special to the Leader Herald

The Investigations and Enforcement Bureau (IEB) of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has issued a $25,000 fine to Big Night Entertainment Group, the operators of Memoire, a night club on the premises of the Encore Boston Harbor (EBH) casino. The fine is a result of multiple instances of noncompliance with alcohol service requirements from October 2021 through June 2022.

In accordance with the gaming law and regulations, the IEB has assessed Memoire with a civil administrative penalty in the agreed-upon amount of $25,000 following violations of alcohol service requirements on five separate occasions.

In addition, the IEB has required Memoire to complete a corrective action plan, including staff training, adjusted bottle and alcohol service policies, more manager oversight, and on- going pre-shift briefings for staff ahead of the night club opening for business each night.

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$40 Million “Discount” Haunts Wynn Resorts Land Deal in Court Reversal

By Josh Resnek

Former owners of the land the Encore casino and hotel is built on are getting another chance at recovering $40 million cut off the $75 million purchase price as a result of SJC ruling.

The state’s highest court handed a win Monday to the former owners ruling that a judge had erroneously dismissed a lawsuit they filed against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission in a bid to collect an additional $40 million for the Everett land.

The state Supreme Judicial Court found that the Gaming Commission took “highly unusual” action in 2013 after discovering that a business- man with a criminal record and organized crime ties was suspected of having a hidden interest in FBT Everett Realty LLC, which had negotiated a deal to sell the Everett property to Wynn for $75 million, according to a report in the Boston Globe.

The decision dredges up years of questionable actions, stuttering and half-hearted investigations and the acknowledged effort of a combination of powerful interests to convey the land at a discount to Wynn.

The $40 million reduction in the price of the land is perceived by some as a bonus given to former Wynn Resorts president Stephen Wynn.

Wynn negotiated for the sale of the land with Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the owners of the land, FBT Realty.

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