Our immunity to the horrors of gun violence seems to have no boundaries

By Josh Resnek

Eleven Asian people celebrating the Asian New Year were slaughtered near to Los Angeles in a Monterey dance hall over the weekend by a crazed gunman who later took his own life.

It was certainly an act of domestic terrorism but the fact an Asian gunman did the killing of other Asians makes this a hard case to prove.

Some news organizations have reported this was the 33rd mass shooting of the New Year 2023 and we’re only 25 days into the new year, if you can imagine that.

Add to this Monday another mass shooting in California with another seven innocents dead.

This time, the perpetrator was caught. He sitting in jail.

Some law enforcement officials took comfort in the fact the California shooter in the first instance apparently did not use a high powered assault weapon.

Everett and all our surrounding communities have somehow, so far, been free type of savage violence and senseless mass shootings.

We are left to wonder, how many people living in Everett have assault weapons in their homes?

Legally and illegally?

How many people carrying or owning weapons are mentally ill or deranged enough to shoot innocents?

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The Michigan disaster

The shooting deaths of four Michigan high school students by a 15-year-old allegedly given a hand gun by his lunatic parents for his 15th birthday is a tragedy all of us must pay close attention to.

That the shooting deaths occurred inside a high school makes this crime especially heinous.

With greater care and interest shown by everyone in a position of responsibility indicates the slaughter of four young people might have been prevented.

We wonder in this editorial whether or not Everett’s Public Schools are safe zones?

What do teachers, administrators, principals do if a 15-year-old is found to be searching for ammunition on his or her cell phone inside a classroom at Everett High School?

The parents are probably called, as happened in Michigan last week.

After a discussion, the parents refused to allow their son to be dismissed from class.

The kid’s backpack wasn’t searched.

It likely held the gun that he would later use to slaughter four of his classmates.

The kid was sent back to class. His parents disappeared, the shootings took place and a giant tragedy has unfolded once again inside an American public school.

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The Twin Massacres

The slaughter of so many innocents by lunatic using automatic weapons and wearing body armor indicates something is very wrong in our nation.

Something must be done.
We are not certain exactly what that is, but something must be done. Doing something about the gun crisis and the massacre epidemic is

something a long time coming – and the weekend’s twin massacres will help the process along, we hope.

President Trump didn’t cause these twin massacres, both of which made no sense since the gunmen were killing randomly, without rhyme or reason.

What is needed is a rising up by Americans upset at the massacres – and this just doesn’t seem to be happening.

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Senseless Killing

About three weeks ago, 12 Jews were slaughtered by a rabid anti-Semite in Pittsburgh. Last week, 12 young people just out for fun in California were slaughtered by a former Marine who went on a wild shooting spree.

In both cases, the shooters obviously were insane.

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