Council OKs mayor’s bid to join school committee

City councilors Wayne Matewsky and Jimmy Tri Le at January’s swearing in ceremony. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso

Resolution sent to Beacon Hill for approval, Matewsky’s effort to return to ward voting fails


A resolution asking the state House of Representatives and the Senate to consider a home rule petition allowing the mayor to serve as a voting member of the School Committee passed Monday night. The vote was 7-4.

Another vote taken on the issue of changing voting practices from at-large to ward district voting failed.

The mayor’s initiative to gain a vote on the School Committee will now be judged and voted on by the legislature.

If and when an affirmative vote approves the measure, the mayor will sit as a voting member.

The voting change measure met a different fate.

It failed to pass.

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Mayor and School Department battle over funding

The Everett city seal on City Hall. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The battle is now intensifying between the mayor and the School Department over more than $1.5 million in funding that the School Department (SD) claims is theirs, and he claims it is his. The mayor and his CFO

Eric Demas, the chief supporter of the mayor and architect of Everett’s financial domain, did a simple transfer of money from one account to another, removing the money in question from SD accounts and placing it in the city’s account.

The only problem with the transfer of more than $1.5 million from School Department accounts to the city’s account, is that the SD had already spent more than $500,000 of the funding the mayor took away from the SD for mandatory spending, causing the SD to stumble just a bit when it appropriated money for expenses that were no longer there and had to use other money to meet its financial obligations.

It was almost a bit like the SD believing the money was there, writing checks to pay for services, and the checks later bouncing because the funds had been taken by the mayor.

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— Eye on Everett —

The Blue Suit makes a joke

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Look, Josh. It’s just before Thanksgiving. It should be a happy time for me, but it isn’t.

The boss has been grumpy and nervous, miserable, really. He doesn’t trust anyone – not even Jerry. In addition, he recently had a good yell at Eric (Demas). Demas didn’t utter a word. He took the verbal beating and the implied threat. He knows better than to challenge Carlo,” the Blue Suit told me earlier this week.

“Do you think he’d fire Demas?” I asked.

“In a heartbeat,” the Blue Suit added. “The only employee of the city he won’t fire is himself.”

“The only time I ever heard Demas talk back to the mayor was when they got in a heated discussion about whether Beethoven was a better composer of symphonies than Bach. That devolved into a bitter fight about who was the better conductor, Rachmaninoff or Leonard Bernstein.”

“Are you serious?” I asked the Blue Suit. I was amazed a dispute like that between Demas and the mayor could ever have taken place.

The Blue Suit laughed heartily. I knew I had been given some of my own medicine.

“Of course, I’m not serious,” the Blue Suit composed himself and said to me. He scoffed at me. “You think you’re the only one who can make a good joke, Josh? The mayor can talk about the Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy. He knows nothing about Rachmaninoff or Bach.”

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Mayor tightens his grip

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria.


With elections less than a year away, the mayor is already positioning himself for another term at city hall.

First with forty thousand dollars a year of political rhetoric being mailed to Everett residents at taxpayer expense. Thanks to Councilor Fred Capone for attempting to putting the brakes on this.

The mayor should pay out of pocket for his own political propaganda – not the taxpayers.

His power grab continues. The majority of the City Council has relinquished most of its power to the mayor years ago.

Now it is basically just a rubber stamp for the administration.

A few months back, the mayor gained control of the library system. He set his sights on the library board of trustees and removed them all. He made new hires. Every one of them presumably donates to his campaign. Now he’s made himself a voting member of the school committee.

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Court case about Encore reveals secrets

Everett mayor Carlo DeMaria at Encore’s grand opening in 2019. (Photo by Joseph Presiozo)


Mayor Carlo DeMaria has a passion for backdoor deals or pressuring someone to do his bidding.

This becomes apparent in the book “Encore” or “Steve Wynn’s Last Casino,” which will be coming out in the summer.

In 2009, FBT Everett Realty (a partnership with Paul Lohnes, Anthony Gattineri, Charlie Lightbody, and Gary DeCicco) did an end run around multimillionaire-trash man Billy Thibeault to gain control of 36 acres that was the Monsanto site in Everett.

Thibeault has gone on to become a major businessman and is a hugely successful developer.

The casino and hotel, built at a cost of $2.6 billion, stands largely empty today.

Gattineri and Lightbody were indicted by the federal court and later exonerated when the contrived government case against them fell apart with a jury finding them innocent.

DeCicco, the original landowner who put the land deal together, became the fall guy in all of this mess.

The FBI chased him and hasn’t stopped chasing him or portraying him as a gangster.

He is many things. He is no gangster.

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