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All Revved up With Nowhere to Go

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By Josh Resnek

The mayor is bored with being the mayor.

He hates going into his office at city hall.

He is rarely there.

He dislikes having to appear before the city council, and does so only when absolutely necessary.

He’s been there and done that so many times during the past decade that it is like putting nails in his eyes to have to talk with councilors or to debate measures he simply wants passed.

At this point in his career the mayor of Everett wants initiatives, whatever they are, to be done his way or not at all.

His vision is the only vision.

His ideas are the only ideas.

He believes he owns the keys to the city – that Everett is his – that everything he’s done over the years constitutes a big owe to him from the people of the city.

“I’m owed for everything I’ve done for this city,” he has repeatedly said to his colleagues in the public forum.

He believes this.

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The Mayor’s Unlimited Vacation Days

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Massachusetts General Law almost makes the case that the mayor can’t just take off 90 days and be in Europe or the Caribbean on perpetual vacation when he is supposed to be working here in the city, in his office at city hall, or wherever he is called to appear during the course of his tenure.

The law, over time, has been relegated to a back seat on the matter of the mayor’s vacation time.

The law of the political jungle, that is, wondering if the mayor has too many vacation days, is left as a matter of politics and ethics by the courts to the people who elect the mayor in the city where the mayor is serving.

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You think Fall River is bad… come over to Everett

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By Josh Resnek

Dear Andrew Lelling:

You’ve been having a lot of fun in Fall River lately.

I’m inviting you to Everett.

You and FBI Agent Elio need to take a close look at the obvious. Kickback Carlo DeMaria is in his tenth year of organized, obscene, uniquely disguised municipal theft and greed.

Everett isn’t Fall River.

The mayor won’t allow marijuana here.

He can’t trust himself to decline huge cash payments from marijuana businesses wanting to locate here.

But he brought a casino here.

That was worth something to him as he does not do things that fail to reward him personally.

“What’s in it for me,” is his mantra.

According to a law suit now winding through Federal Court in Boston, he received a sizeable kickback in return for delivering the land used for the casino and hotel site to Steve Wynn.

I’ve talked with a number of people with knowledge of the kickback, including one who says he can identify how Kickback Carlo was paid, exactly how much he got, and who aided him in executing the arrangement.

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Amended Complaint Success Could Ensnare Mayor, Others

By Josh Resnek

At a time when the mayor is still busy toasting himself for helping to bring the casino here, the court process questioning how he did it has not stopped.

In fact, lawyers for both sides – Wynn and Suffolk Downs – are awaiting the outcome of Sterling Suffolk’s amended complaint, which among others, alleges the mayor took a kickback to facilitate the sale of the Everett land to Wynn Corporation.

The amended complaint is part of a Federal Civil Rico suit filed by Sterling Suffolk many months back before the summer began.

That amended complaint has been before Judge Patti Saris awaiting her decision to either allow the Sterling Suffolk amended complaint to move forward, or to be dismissed.

If she allows the amended complaint to move forward, it is a major headache for the mayor and several of those who were close to him at the time.

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When There’s More of Them Than There are of us, you Lose.

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By Josh Resnek

The mayor has been at it for more than a decade.

He’s had a great run.

He’s designed his position like a master craftsman, boiling down his effort to never being in the office, never exerting himself, never showing a strong work ethic and by getting sloppy now and then.

He spends enormous amounts of time out of the country on extended vacations that the city pays for, that the voters pay for. Those extended vacations irk many hardworking Everett residents.

At this point in his career, he rules by instilling fear in those he employs.

City employees are intimidated by Kickback. What he has given them he can take away.

The Lord giveth. The Lord taketh away.

Such a system of governing is doomed over time.

Since he first took office he has thrown dozens of city employees under the bus.

He has been disloyal to people who supported him, who gave him money, who helped him along the way to the mayor’s office.

He’s made promises he never intended to keep.

He’s done backroom deals that are the stuff of legend.

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