By Josh Resnek

The national scandal allowing the very rich and influential to buy their children entrance into the nation’s most competitive colleges and universities has a strong Everett connection.

Abdul “Aziz” Abdelaziz, a close associate and friend of the mayor’s, worked side by side with him in Everett during the early months when Wynn Resorts was plotting the capture of a gaming license in Massachusetts for Steve Wynn.

At the time, Aziz was a vice-president of Wynn Resorts.

Aziz was indicted and arrested last week as part of the nationwide college entrance scam that ensnared dozens of well to do people, including Hollywood stars and multi-millionaires, who paid huge sums of money to scammers for their kids to gain entrance into more competitive colleges and universities. Continue reading WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?

Mayor Challenged on Food Service Plan

Mayor CD.jpg
Mayor DeMaria (above) had a lot on his plate this week.

New Proposal Said to be Costly and Inefficient

By Josh Resnek

The mayor’s intrusion into the administration of the School Department showed its ugly side at Monday night’s School Committee meeting.

The mayor wants to remake the wheel by ending the school food delivery program with the Aramark company and attract a new company to do more at a much higher costs with no real return.

His effort to rethink the district’s food service has caused fear and consternation among 85 cafeteria employees all concerned about their jobs.

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— Eye on Everett —

Collect Your Things …

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By Josh Resnek

I am not sure many people in this city know who runs the Tax Collector’s office or much less cares.

We all go there to pay our parking tickets, excise taxes, and whatever else we have been billed by the city.

It doesn’t really matter who comes to the window. Everyone is taken care of.

The Tax Collector’s office is headed by Dominico D’Angelo. He is the treasurer and collector.

I don’t know Mr. D’Angelo.

Second in command is or rather, was, Scott Porter. Porter had worked for many years in that office.

I heard some bad news about Porter when I got to my office the other day.

— Eye on Everett —

Everyone Knows

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By Josh Resnek

Nearly every Wednesday I make the rounds of Everett City Hall delivering the Leader Herald to each and every office on all the floors.

City Hall is a special place for our readers – as nearly everyone who takes an interest in what is going on with the city they work for needs to take a look to remain informed.

I don’t exactly represent the party line. What I write and report on is always refreshing to the rank and file inside their offices behind their desks at Everett City Hall.

Unless taking part in off-campus meetings, department heads, assistant department heads, senior employees of every kind down to the rank and file custodians are always at their jobs.

To do otherwise, would be to accept their pay for doing nothing. It would be to pay lip service to what they do if they were there in a hit and miss fashion.

I am told by those who claim to know that the mayor delivered newspapers as a younger man. He had a special style. He was not your average newspaper delivery boy because he always delivered a bit more than the newspaper. Many local people who came to know his newspaper delivery exploits were left to wonder what might come of such a bold and inventive young newspaper delivery boy when he got a bit older.

— Eye on Everett —

The New MGC Chair

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By Josh Resnek

Cathy Judd-Stein, currently the deputy legal counsel for Governor Baker, has been appointed by the governor to be the chair of the Gaming Commission.

Her credentials are typically spectacular. She has served under five governors, a sure sign she has favored status on Beacon Hill.

She a Dartmouth, Harvard Law School grad and is an expert in advising governors and others on Beacon Hill about ethics and the law.

By all signs, she is a stellar appointment.

What I want to know is what the governor and she discussed about the Gaming Commission and about former chair Stephen Crosby who was as crooked as a stick can be?