Smith sounds like a leader on the rise but will she take the mayoral plunge?

By Joshua Resnek

Councilor at Large Stephanie Smith has grown quite a bit since her election to the Everett City Council a little more than a year ago.

Her public persona on the council – that is – the way she comes across to the public – is that of a poised, articulate, educated, well to do daughter of Everett – the happily married mother of young children growing up here, the veritable prototype of a potential mayoral candidate at this time.

This is not lost on her colleagues, none of whom are as well situated to take a deeper plunge into Everett city mayoral politics.

Smith says no to all speculative assumptions about her future.

She says she’s happy being a councilor – but let’s face it – that type of thinking never lasts very long with ambitious people in Everett. Above all, Smith is an ambitious woman.

Her ambition can be felt whenever she speaks on a matter that is of some concern to her sensibility.

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“I raised a lot of money and I’m going after a lot of people”

In victory speech, mayor makes threats


There is an old political saying that comes down through the ages from ancient Greece.

“When you win, you are magnanimous in victory. When you lose, you are magnanimous in defeat.

The mayor won another term last Tuesday but when all was said and done, when he had delivered his victory speech in front of a large crowd of supports, he was not magnanimous in victory.

In fact, he used the victory platform to criticize those who were not with him, and to threaten the Leader Herald (the Wednesday newspaper) and the city clerk (sand baggers) with retribution.

The mayor said exactly: “I raised a lot of money and I’m going to go after a lot of people.”

At a time when the FBI is believed to be looking into the mayor’s alleged real estate deal with the city clerk – the city clerk denies the mayor was ever his partner – the mayor used his victory platform to threaten his perceived enemies.

“Not good timing for the mayor to say such a thing,” said a prominent trial attorney who wished to remain unnamed.

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Mayor holds off Capone

Challenger’s upset bid falls short

October 29: Both candidates stand with their supports on the same corner during a political rally in Everett Square.

Voters give DeMaria 6th term, 210 separated candidates, City Council has new faces


Mayor Carlo DeMaria held off a bold bid by Councilor Fred Capone defeating him by 210 votes in a hotly contested mayoral election.

DeMaria received 51.18% of the vote to Capone’s 48.30%.

DeMaria’s vote total was 3,735 to Capone’s 3,525.

The incumbent mayor is about to enter his 15th year at city hall as the city’s leader had said he could not be beaten and that he will be the mayor forever.

He won 8 out of 12 precincts in gaining a hard-fought victory.

He sealed his victory with strong showings in Wards 5 and 6.

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Why I won’t be voting for Carlo DeMaria


I was elected to the Board of Alderman at the age of 78 years old. I also became the last President of that Board.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria was elected to become the Mayor of Everett in the same year.

I served as an elected official for 8 years alongside the Mayor and also Councilor Fred Capone.

I am a supporter of Fred Capone for Mayor.

I voted for Carlo DeMaria for the first two years as Mayor and I also was proud to nominate Fred Capone to become the President of the Board of Councilors after he served on that Board for two years.

I have witnessed the bad behavior change in Mayor Carlo DeMaria after his first term and I also witnessed the best performance of Councilor Fred Capone during my tenure as an elected official.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria became very vindictive, as he made sure you must agree with him or else he would fire you from the position he appointed you to and that happened many, many times.

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