Sizing up the mayoral race options


Should Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone challenge the mayor? Which candidate would he prefer to debate?

The broader question the mayor must consider should Adrien and Capone both decide to run – how does he deal with a two-front war?

He might feel that he would run circles around Adrien. He must believe her perceived inexperience in how the city government operates will leave her vulnerable.

Vulnerable to what?

If the mayor can run Everett, this is living proof that anyone can do the same.

Adrien goes down the right path for answers. She is not afraid to stand up to the mayor. She is learning as she goes.

She’s not afraid to call out any city official, even if she is standing alone.

To date, Adrien is almost always standing alone except for Capone.

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Main Street re-election headquarters opening


Workers are right now preparing the former site of the late Mayor George McCarthy’s appliance store on Main Street as the mayor’s soon-to-be campaign headquarters for his re-election.

Although an unannounced candidate, the mayor is expected without question to be running again.

He is wasting no time during what is expected to be a hectic re-election effort in preparing the campaign headquarters.

Councilor Fred Capone is expected to announce his candidacy for mayor shortly. Councilor Gerly Adrien’s plans remain something of her own.

They are shrouded by her own decision-making process, which is said to be in full force, as she decides whether or not to run.

There is the belief among many of her supporters that she will ultimately toss her hat into the ring, or jump into the frying pan, as running is chiefly regarded by political pundits.

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Early polling underway, election in full swing


A number of residents have informed the Leader Herald they have in recent days been contacted by pollsters asking questions about Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Councilor Gerly Adrien and Councilor Fred Capone.

All three are perceived candidates – as yet unannounced – for mayor.

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Mayoral candidate slate starts to take shape


The campaign finance reports filed last week by the city’s politicians revealed, as well as enhanced, all sorts of possibilities for the citywide election now just 8 months away if the primary is what you pay attention to.

If your interest is in Election Day in November, well, that’s ten months away.

Either way one chooses to see it, the city is closer to the next election every day. It will be upon us like the blink of an eye before we know it.

The Campaign finance reports excited a great deal of talk in Internet circles and on Facebook.

Councilor Anthony DiPierro scolded Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien for raising money during a pandemic on a Facebook page.

He called attention to Adrien’s $65,000 war chest and her grassroots money-raising efforts producing results that have shocked many local politicians.

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Mayoral race changes quickly for hopefuls


The political landscape has been rocked by Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien’s successful fundraising effort.

The first-term councilor at large with more than $61,000 on hand in her political account has transformed her potential for higher office overnight.

“That’s a healthy sum of campaign money to run a citywide campaign,” said Council President Wayne Matewsky.

Although Adrien insists she remains committed to her position on the city council, she has asserted that she is watching the local political landscape carefully, and especially the upcoming citywide election primary in September and the election itself in November.

In the world of Everett politics, anything is possible.

With $61,000 in Adrien’s campaign account and more money being raised in a grassroots effort, she could soon top $100,000.

This would rival the mayor’s present $125,000 balance in his campaign account.

The mayor has not faced a situation such as this in 12 years.

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