Mayor struggling against the numbers


Fourteen years is a long time to do anything, let alone to be the mayor of the city of Everett.

In fourteen years, the city has changed more than several times and this includes people in leadership positions, the population, the entire demographic has been turned upside down.

In fact, like most urban places, Everett almost entirely remakes itself in one way or another every five years. That’s just the nature of life in the United States.

People come and go like the wind. Politicians come and go.

Carlo DeMaria has not come and gone. He is hanging on.

Many people believe this time around could be his last, that his time has come, that he cannot win another term.

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Join me and vote Fred Capone for mayor


Everett faces perhaps the most pivotal election in our city’s history. I’m hoping by now everyone understands the character of the man who works in the corner office on the 3rd floor of City Hall. If not, Google It. To save you some effort, I’ll just tell my story:

Twenty years ago, I was a volunteer on Jarrett Barrios’ campaign for State Senate. Former Senator Barrios had an opponent in that campaign, Alderman Carlo DeMaria.

At the time, I wrote a letter to the editor of a local paper in response to an attack advertisement that was run against Senator Barrios. My letter contained nothing negative, just positive messaging for the campaign I was heavily involved in.

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Adrien endorses Capone

OCTOBER 20: Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone after she endorsed his mayoral campaign. (Contributed photo)

Her voting bloc an important addition to his mayoral campaign


Pledging allegiance to a new day that may alter the horizon in the hotly contested mayor’s race, Fred Capone has received and enthusiastically accepted the endorsement of Councilor Gerly Adrien in his bid to become the mayor of Everett.

Adrien’s endorsement is a huge score for Capone during a critical time when his momentum is palpable in a close election that will go down to the wire.

Adrien campaigning for Capone could likely turn the tide in this race.

She has a long reach in the city. She is an influencer. Thousands of people listen to her and believe in her.

Adrien, of course, finished third and out in the recent mayoral primary. However, her close relationship and knowledge of the Haitian community should be crucial as well as beneficial to Capone.

Her endorsement is a big deal in this race.

It is important and Capone welcomed it.

Adrien has a wide base of support throughout the city.

That support includes women, men, younger people, and nearly everyone who considers themselves part of the new Everett.

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Mayor’s favorability rating seen sagging


The stakes are high.

The political infighting and intrigue are intensifying.

Fred Capone and the mayor have never worked as hard at an election as this one.

The mayor cannot afford to lose.

He has been irascible and uptight since scoring the weakest vote in his political life.

Gaining only 45% of the vote in the primary indicates the mayor’s favorability has tanked and is continuing to tank.

The mayor has acted accordingly, veering dangerously from a campaign strategy dedicated to having him act and appear like a leader of the people and to not be come involved in fighting or answering of any kind.

He is spending enormous amounts of money from his campaign account to ensure a victory.

However, some things cannot be bought.

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Capone candidacy a threat to mayor’s house of cards

There’s a lot of risk for the mayor with Fred Capone breathing down his back.

For his part, Capone is making a good run, the honest run, the decent man’s run against a misfit who has some how tied up the city to do his bidding and to keep mouths shut during his 14-year mayoralty.

The mayor has a noose around the city’s neck. It is tied especially taught around the necks of all those standing in line to climb the steps to the Carlo gallows, keeping their mouths shut about his depravity to save their jobs, lest the trap door should swing open and the condemned speed through it on their way to ruin at the end of a rope.

The Carlo DeMaria house of cards for city employees and all others who are perceived to be in his way provides for swift punishment for all those who do not toe the DeMaria line exactly, day to day, all the time.

This includes businessmen and women, all political opponents, leaders of local organizations, and with the mayor’s recent appointment to the School Committee, teachers and administrators will be fearing for their jobs should they step out of line.

The mayor’s control of city hall’s social, political, and economic apparatus precludes debates of any kind about policy, decisions made, and underhanded deals going down.

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