Capone says he’s running for mayor

Putting finishing touches on campaign plans


Councilor Attorney Fred Capone’s official announcement is imminent, according to one of Capone’s closest friends and advisor.


“He is dotting all his I’s and crossing all the T’s,” said the advisor.

The same advisor told the Leader Herald last week that Capone might be announcing last Friday.

Friday came and went.

“He is not one to do any thing halfway,” said the advisor.

“His official announcement is being planned for right now,” added the advisor.

Capone and his wife, Michele, also a lawyer, are said to be synchronizing his upcoming mayoral effort.

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The mayor’s Achilles’ heel


The mayor will do much to defend his position in the coming months.

Everything his paid city hall staff is doing is exquisitely designed to promote the mayor as the city’s boss and king.

He can point to new parks and several which have been redone twice.

The painted bicycle and bus lanes adorning the street give the city a modern look and feel.

He can take pride in being a transportation wonk. He wants Everett’s new thousands of residents to take buses or to ride bicycles rather than to own cars and try to park them.

The many can point to many, many things he has accomplished.

The casino would be number one among them if it were not for persistent remnants of the licensing process floating about in political circles indicating strongly that the mayor may have charged a fee to get Wynn the former Monsanto land and the license.

Such a rumor, or if it is, in fact, a truth as asserted in court documents, is a black eye for the mayor.

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Adrien pondering a run for mayor

Decision likely next month



Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien, believed to be considering a run for mayor, told the Leader Herald she will make an official announcement by May 17.

She said she had no comment about the mayor’s announcement and that said to be coming by Councilor Fred Capone.

“We’re still assessing if my candidacy is something Everett residents would want,” she said Tuesday morning.

“We have until May 17th to make that decision,” she said. If Adrien runs, she will be the first Black woman candidate for mayor in Everett’s history.

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Aiming for strong citywide support in mayoral bid


The mayor is said to be fearing a run by Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien.

Let’s put this aside for a moment.

Councilor Fred Capone is ready to announce.

He has been quietly putting together a campaign. Capone is a lawyer. His wife is a lawyer. He is successful at what he does as a lawyer. The same can be said about his wife. He is also a real estate owner throughout the city.

Capone doesn’t want to be mayor to make money.

He already has his own money.

He’s got two kids in college.

After serving a long time in public office, he believes this is his moment.

He’s got it in his mind to run and to win the corner office at city hall against all odds.

He understands the mayor is a formidable candidate.

He is undeterred by that.

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Mayor launches re-election bid

A supporter of the mayor walks past the new signage on the Main Street headquarters of Carlo DeMaria (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Friends, family at Main Street headquarters opening

The mayor officially kicked off his re-election campaign opening his headquarters on Main Street on Saturday.

The mayor arrived back from a vacation to Aruba just in time to attend.

The cold and inclement weather changed just in time for the event.

About 125 people attended and packed into the headquarters.

Twenty-five people waited outside the headquarters.

The theme of the campaign is encapsulated by the painting on one of the windows at the front of the headquarters.

“Everett for Everyone,” is painted in bright red, white and blue colors on the front window, with an American flag for added emphasis.

A varied collection of people attended the event.

City hall employees and officials, several councilors, real estate owners, vendors who do business with the city, businessmen, and the mayor’s family mixed with the crowd.

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