Battle Royale

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tell Oprah race issues a role in their leaving Monarchy


I don’t believe many Everett residents give a hoot about the British monarchy, or as one friend said to me, “Everett people will think you’re talking about a butterfly when you mention the monarchy.”

Many Everett people watch Oprah or at least know who Oprah is and what a powerful force she is in the media.

Her airing of an interview with Prince Harry and his Black wife Meghan and their very young child, Archie, has led to a meltdown of the Queen, Harry’s brother Prince William, his wife Kate, and all the royals.

Meghan claimed that one of the royals wondered aloud: “What if Archie’s skin is really dark? What do we do then?”

I believe for some folks living in this city in multi-racial situations, the end product of such racist talk would be a good beating or a shooting, or at least a stabbing of the racist family member who said such a thing.

By leaving the nest and going out on their own, Harry and Meghan have upset all the royals.

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