22nd Anniversary of 9/11 once again rivets city and nation attention to loss

By Josh Resnek

The 9/11 tragedy will forever be a part of this city’s connection to the outside world and to the tragic events that unfolded on that day 22 years ago.

An Everett couple, Jim Trentini and his wife Mary, who lived in this city – Mr. Trentini was 1954 graduate of Everett High School – were passengers on American Flight 11, the first plane to hit the World Trade Center.

Twenty-years have passed, and the somber recollection of what happened on that fateful day is again called to our consciousness.

On the Ten Year Anniversary of 9/11 a Candlelight Vigil and Service was held with many Everett residents attending on Sunday night, September 11, 2011.

Residents gathered outside the Parlin Library in Everett Square, which at the time, was the site of a proposed memorial to the 9/11 dead.

That memorial is now a reality and has been for many years as a reminder to all who pass by it that the victims, the heroes, and their families are permanently honored.

In the case of the Trentini’s, who resided here, this is especially true.

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September 11

It is hard to imagine so much time has passed since America was attacked by terrorists.

Twenty-one years have gone by, and the events of that day remain powerful and distinct but begin to fade just a bit from our mindset.

For those who lost loved ones on that fateful day there will never be closure.

That’s just the harsh reality about trying to move on after terrorism and hate has changed your life.

Remembrance of the searing images of the airplanes disappearing into the Twin Towers at the moment of impact are impossible to put away neatly in our minds.

The deaths of so many innocents on that day – about 3,000 men and women – represents one of the worst intrusions into American life throughout our history.

Worse yet, we were attacked on our own soil.

That had not happened since the British Fleet sailed up the Potomac River During the War of 1812 and British troops then succeeded in burning down Washington DC.

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Kobe Bryant

The outpouring of grief over the early loss of Kobe Bryant at 41 in a helicopter crash that took the lives of nine, including his 13 year old daughter, has been quite a spectacle to watch.

The NBA great, one of the most prolific players of his era, of any era, had a very large following in basketball and sports circles everywhere, including a huge place in basketball in China, where Bryant was revered.

Fans across the nation, across the spectrum of the sports world, and among players and athletes everywhere is that Bryant was a giant competitor, a winner through and through, and a positive spirit in a game dominated by only a handful of outrageously talented players.

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Second Annual Mastrocola Kiwanis Bocce Tournament

Friends and family wear shirts touting “Cataldo Strong” and an image of Ersilia Cataldo Matarazzo on their backs at the Second Annual Mastrocola Kiwanis Bocce Tournament held in her honor. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Leader Herald Staff Report

The Second Annual Mastrocola Kiwanis Bocce Tournament was held in memory of Ersilia Cataldo Matarazzo on Saturday June 1, 2019.

Twelve teams competed for a $1,000 prize as well as a second place prize of $450.

Team Sabatino Insurance won the tournament and gave back their $1000 prize to the Ersilia Charity Fund held by the Everett Kiwanis.

The winners also received a trophy, dedicated and named in honor of Everett Kiwanis Club Vice-President, Ersilia Cataldo Matarazzo.

The money raised during the event was given to the Kiwanis Club to be used for their scholarships and charities throughout the community.

The event was held at the Italian American Club in Malden from 9am to 5pm.

Baxter Time Generating Interest

By Josh Resnek

The time for Thad Baxter’s family in Woburn at the VFW on Friday night has raised a great deal of interest in the fundraiser.

“A lot of interest is being shown in the time,” said Maria Bussell, who is coordinating ticket sales.

“We are expecting about 125 people,” she said.

Nick Russo will be doing the cooking for the crowd.

The fundraiser is being held at the VFW Post 101, which is located at 194 Lexington Street.

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