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Christmas Season

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By Josh Resnek

Thanksgiving has come and gone, just like that, with the snap of a finger.

Now it is on to Christmas.

I’m Jewish. My father never allowed Christmas in the house.

We never had a tree. There were no presents.

The day would come and go like any other day.

Listening to Christmas carols wasn’t exactly on the menu- and Christmas dinner – well, what is that?

On the other hand, when growing up, I watched everyone else getting ready for the holiday.

Looked like an awful lot of fun from my perspective. About 20 years ago, I married a non-Jewish woman, an English woman, yes, from England.

She is absolutely non-religious and she loves to always say that she is a member of the Church of England – “The last thing the Church of England has anything to do with is religion!,” she often says.

For my wife, Christmas is about the tree – and we now have a great tree in our living room every year, decorated with 100 year old trimmings that were my wife’s grandparents’.

My daughters and their friends always have a party when trimming the tree.

A Roaring Success Story

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Pope John’s Jesus Rivera III (6) celebrates a Tiger touchdown.

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Tigers Continue Storybook Season, Punch Ticket to Super Bowl

By Lorenzo Recupero

There ain’t no rest for the winners – Pope John High School, that is.

The Tigers (11-0) punched themselves a ticket to the school’s first super bowl in 20 years and only the second in school history after knocking out West Bridgewater, 31-14, for the Division 8 Eastern Mass. Championship on Saturday.

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