The Michigan disaster

The shooting deaths of four Michigan high school students by a 15-year-old allegedly given a hand gun by his lunatic parents for his 15th birthday is a tragedy all of us must pay close attention to.

That the shooting deaths occurred inside a high school makes this crime especially heinous.

With greater care and interest shown by everyone in a position of responsibility indicates the slaughter of four young people might have been prevented.

We wonder in this editorial whether or not Everett’s Public Schools are safe zones?

What do teachers, administrators, principals do if a 15-year-old is found to be searching for ammunition on his or her cell phone inside a classroom at Everett High School?

The parents are probably called, as happened in Michigan last week.

After a discussion, the parents refused to allow their son to be dismissed from class.

The kid’s backpack wasn’t searched.

It likely held the gun that he would later use to slaughter four of his classmates.

The kid was sent back to class. His parents disappeared, the shootings took place and a giant tragedy has unfolded once again inside an American public school.

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