Michael Matarazzo, Former City Clerk, Historian, Musician, Politician, Real Estate Broker – an Everett Man for All Seasons

By Josh Resnek

Michael Matarazzo, one of Everett’s best known and best liked former public officials, died suddenly last Thursday.

He was 68.

Mike “Marty” Matarazzo

Mr. Matarazzo’s death was made all the more difficult and impossible to deal with for his family and friends because it occurred so close to the recent death of his son, Michael in April at the age of 36.

Mr. Matarazzo was devastated and he was thrown into a state of deep despair by his son’s death – as was his entire family.

It is very likely that “Marty” as he was lovingly known, died of a broken heart.

Mike Matarazzo as city clerk was among the most widely known and respected public servants in Everett’s modern his- tory. He cast a substantial presence in the clerk’s office during his 11 year tenure as city clerk.

Mr. Matarazzo was a good looking man with a great smile and a hearty laugh and a good sense of humor. He was a major league character in the life and times of the city of Everett. He knew of what he spoke at all times. Residents with needs were always drawn to him – and he never disappointed them.

He was an honest, hard-working, intelligent public official at city hall as clerk and as a member of the former Board of Aldermen many years before.

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Name Matarazzo Official City Historian

The Everett City Council should bestow the posthumous title of Everett City Historian upon Mr. Matarazzo with a portrait of himself and a plaque under it to be displayed on a wall inside the city council chamber.

During a long life, the late Mr. Matarazzo dedicated himself to preserving for posterity everything having to do with Everett history that is relevant.

This was not something simply done.

This incredible effort by Matarazzo took years and years, research and digging, interviews and the collection of anecdotal materials from Everett residents now long gone.

His two editions about the history of Everett which he wrote and published represent the only two such volumes in existence that creates a proper picture of Everett’s place in America during the 19th and 20th Centuries and into the 21st Century.

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They Came From Everett

Mike Matarazzo’s new book on Everett personalities a must Christmas gift

By Josh Resnek

Former City Clerk Mike Matarazzo is inarguably, the greatest historian writing about this city living or dead.

Last June, he published “They Came from Everett,” a collection of short historical biographies of the men and women who came from this city, who achieved one form or another of great success and notoriety in their lives, and who were proud to call this city their home.

Matarazzo’s collection of stories is a triumph in a city where so little of its long history has been written about and preserved.

He is fascinated and moved by Everett’s past and the people from this small city who made larger than life contributions to the worlds of sports, entertainment, science, business, government and life itself.

Matarazzo is inarguably Everett’s City Historian.

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