McLaughlin off and running

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Everett Ward 6 city councilor Michael McLaughlin, D, took out papers to run for the 28th Middlesex State Representative’s seat at the McCormack Building. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Mike Mclaughlin is officially a candidate for state rep from Everett after pulling papers Tuesday. With great fanfare and high hopes, he is making the effort to rise to the next level of the political playing field.

He preceded his methodical quest to line up all his ducks before jumping into the political frying pan by hosting a series of campaign events over the weekend with supporters and contributors, readying himself for the big push which has begun in earnest.

Saturday, he met with about 50 supporters at Anna’s Pizza on Main Street.

Considering how distant the election seems today, the large and enthusiastic gathering was all the more noteworthy.

Made up entirely of Everett residents and voters, everyone there committed themselves to a McLaughlin campaign and a McLaughlin victory.

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— Eye on Everett —

Mike McLaughlin on the rise

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By Josh Resnek

Councilor Mike McLaughlin appears to be serious about running for Joe McGonagle’s rep seat.

On or around February 10, he will be taking out papers.

He has apparently ordered bumper stickers.

He is preparing a campaign strategy, similar to that which powered him to victory over the mayor’s best friend last November. What is important there to note at this moment is that every thing about politics is always fluid, ever changing, and never static for very long.

McLaughlin is riding the tide of his victory last November.

That victory is a gift that keeps giving for McLaughlin, who has come a long way in his life with his storied success in local politics.

Many of us who watched his dogged campaign that ended in a stunning victory last November have come to believe in him.

In random talk between those who care about Everett politics, there is the commonly held belief that if Mike campaigns day and night across the city against McGonagle the way he campaigned against Al Lattanzi, that McGonagle ought to start packing his things for the move out of his State House office.

There is more at stake in this contest if it comes to pass than one or the other of these two winning the seat.

If McLaughlin beats McGonagle, he beats the machine, the DeMaria Crime Family machine, the DCF as Councilor Mike Marchese has called it.

There is a lot more at stake in this upcoming contest than McGonagle and McLaughlin.

What is at stake is the mayor’s position.

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Letter to the Editor

Several years back I saw for the first time, the Mayor spending tens of thousands of dollars on criminal attorneys. I thought to myself this must be a one time situation nothing to be alarmed about. Now several years in a row the Mayor continues to spend large sums of money in this way and it’s become alarming to many.

It’s become very eye opening to the residents of Everett and I hear it from individuals very often. As the CEO of Everett, many believe he has an obligation to OUR bosses which are the residents and business owners of Everett to explain the reasoning behind this long-standing practice.

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McLaughlin believed to be running against McGonagle

By Josh Resnek

Fresh off a stunning victory sacking a powerful opponent for a council seat in November, Councilor Mike McLaughlin is said to be planning a run for Everett’s seat in the House of Representatives.

Talk in political circles about such a possibility was rife Monday, preceding the mayor’s mid-term address.

The mayor fed the political frenzy surrounding the possibility that McLaughlin will be running when he mistakenly referred to Rep. McGonagle as Rep. McLaughlin during his speech.

The mayor was visibly perturbed by misnaming McLaughlin as the representative.

The mayor was forced to correct himself, causing a number of people in the packed council chamber to note the gaffe with loud expressions of surprise as well as with hearty laughter.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 5.40.53 PM.png
City Councilor Michael J. McLaughlin
(Photo by Josh Resnek)

McGonagle who seemed disoriented when delivering brief remarks before the mayor began his speech, appeared emotionless about the mayor’s mistake in identity.

In fact, many people in the large throng attending Monday night’s mayor’s speech and inauguration of the new council, were made uneasy by the long gaps

in the exceptionally brief and somewhat incoherent remarks made by Mcgonagle.

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McLaughlin packs 8/10 at fundraiser

By Josh Resnek

Last week’s Leader Herald included a full page of photographs depicting the time held by Councilor Mike McLaughlin at the 8/10 Restaurant on Norwood Street.

This week before Christmas McLaughlin told us the event, which was a fundraiser, was extremely successful, giving rise to all kinds of rumors and talk about what McLaughlin is likely to do next with his political career.

“I was so pleased at the outpouring of support that came to the 8/10 to celebrate with me my victory,” McLaughlin told the Leader Herald.

McLaughlin packed the place. It was standing room only.

Since defeating Al Lattanzi in the November election, McLaughlin has been riding a wave of good feeling.

The mayor and his supporters had spread the belief that McLaughlin could not beat Lattanzi because the mayor was behind him.

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