…Mike McLaughlin in



One of the city’s most enigmatic politicians has taken out nomination papers to run for the School Committee against former School Committee Chair Attorney Thomas Abruzzese.

The entrance into the School Committee race by Michael McLaughlin represents one of the most surprising changes of venue in an election season by a local politician in many years.

McLaughlin’s decision could very likely be the death knell of Abruzzese’s School Committee career.

McLaughlin brings to the table proven widespread popularity as a councilor and he brings to the Everett political arena an unrivaled sense of competition.

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Frank Parker out…



In a stunning turn of events, School Committee Chair Frank Parker, a longtime School Committeeman, has apparently withdrawn his name for re-election according to city hall officials.

His withdrawal from the race coincides exactly with the taking out of nomination papers last week by Jeannie Cristiano, the city’s popular and durable Veterans Agent, herself a former councilor for many years.

“I want to give back,” Cristiano told the Leader Heralds.

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McLaughlin at-large bid sets up spirited Ward 6 race


Ward 6 Councilor Mike McLaughlin is going for an at-large council seat.

The popular councilor told the Leader Herald he will be running at large, keeping with the spirit of his belief that he wants to help people in all the wards.

“When the legislature signed into law the charter change regarding how we elect councilors in Everett, I made my decision. I want to continue serving the community as a whole. I want to continue moving the city for- ward in a positive direction as a bridge-builder with everyone including the schools, city hall, business owners, and residents. Everyone in this city has a seat at my table at city hall,” he said.

His decision to go at large set off a contest between Ward 6 local businessman and friend of the mayor, Al Lattanzi, and widely known local Ward 6 resident Ross Pietrantonio.

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— Eye on Everett —

“I had a dream” – The Blue Suit


The mayor’s Blue Suit let out his deepest thoughts to me this week when he told me: “I had a dream.”

“Tell me about the dream,” I asked him.

“You know dreams are all about our conscious lives, in part. That’s how Freud puts it in his famous study about our dream sequences,” I added.

“What do you mean?” the Blue Suit asked me.

I’ve read a lot of Freud although I don’t claim to be an expert.

I answered the Blue Suit.

“The things we do, the people we see, the places we go, the hassles we have, the triumphs we enjoy in our awake hours often become the subjects of our dreams. In other words, in our awake hours, our brain is absorbing everything about our lives – the weather, our homes, relationships with friends, discussions with parents. When we go to sleep, our dreams are caused by impulses in our brains related to what we did while awake,” I told the Blue Suit.

“Josh, I don’t need cheap psychotherapy from you.”

“I get it,” I responded.

“Tell me your dream.”

“I think it comes from me hearing the mayor talking with Anthony DiPierro, the mayor’s personal sign man in the rep race. Anthony held the same position for the mayor when McLaughlin ran against the mayor’s best friend last time out and lost,” the Blue Suit recalled.

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