When language barrier is a hamper to doing business

Buyer beware – confusion after sales license not part of agreement


A Brazilian man who purchased a building and a business from an Everett man recently wanted to have his license to repair cars at the location and to sell used cars as well approved by the City Council Monday night.

The Brazilian man doesn’t speak a word of English.

Councilor Stephanie Martins, who speaks Portuguese and who is Brazilian, served as his translator for the City Council, which bent over backward to approve his license during the ZOOM hearing.

However, before that approval was voted on, about a half-hour discussion among the councilors and the Brazilian man through Martins displayed the difficulties of not speaking English when you have bought a business in Everett or anywhere for that matter.

Anyone buying a business and piece of property here does so under the aegis of the ancient Latin phrase, caveat emptor – buyer beware.

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