Gronkowski Retires

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By Lorenzo Recupero

Future hall of famer Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL this week, leaving the New England Patriots and its entire fan base at a colossal loss.

The larger than life sized void left by the 29 year-old won’t easily be replaced, but his legacy has shaped football history for years to come and enough for all to appreciate what he offered the game as he walks away from it.

A once wrongly predicated Belichick draft day bust, Gronk boosted the regional football experience in ways that not only our memories of hip-gyrating and ball-spiking end zone celebrations could speak of but the numbers can help relay.

Gronk’s colorful personality always made him a multi-dimensional entertainer and athlete, but to put his gridiron dominance into perspective you’d have to take a closer look at the body of work he complied over a relatively short NFL career.

In just 9 season, Gronkowski tallied totals NFL players can only dream of as he racked up NFL records along the way.

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Back to Bowl … It Never Gets Old

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By Joshua Resnek

It was another historic moment for New England sports fans, and Tom Brady’s arms raised high says it all.

We all watched an extraordinary football contest on Sunday – the aging quarterback GOAT – versus the coming up fast next generation superstar Mahomes.

Let it be remembered that on this night in 2019, we watched one of the most competitive and exciting four-plus quarters of AFC Championship football ever played.

Let it also be remembered that five years from now, such raised arms in the air by a shouting Tom Brady will be a thing of the past – and the glory days of this team something to be savored whenever looking back.

Watching Tom Brady is like watching Babe Ruth. Each time he takes the field, it is another miraculous moment in a past 20 years filled with them.

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The Pats Chase Another Super Bowl Berth

It would appear if they get a small break here and there, the Patriots will be advancing to a place a lot closer to the Super Bowl than we might have imagined two weeks ago.

Their great play last weekend versus the Jets showed the Pats in all their splendor – intercepting passes, stacking quarterbacks and stopping the Jets dead whenever they needed to.

For Tom Brady, the 41 year old quarterback we all have come to know and to love, it was another stellar day with passes drilled down the middle and nearly every call just the right one. He threw four touchdown passes!

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— Eye on Everett —

The Encore License

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By Josh Resnek

If all things are equal – which they are not – Wynn Resorts should retain their license for the casino that is to open in June 2019.

Getting there is another matter.

The suitability issue dominates right now.

All reports indicate the entire Wynn Resorts Board of Directors – all new faces – are set to descend on Boston and to sit at the Massachusetts Gaming Commission when the suitability report is finally ready to come out.

The Wynn Resorts folks believe if they show how broadly the company has changed its persona – from a sexual harassment bastion – to a place absent of it – that whatever the law is can be overlooked because they have changed the company entirely from top to bottom.

This, it is believed, is a pretty good strategy to persuade the MGC to maintain its suitability as the gaming licensee here in Boston/Everett.

But what if it doesn’t?

What happens if the MGC finds Wynn Resort unsuitable? Terms we cannot use in a community newspaper is what this would be.