Patriots looking good

Several weeks ago, we said with great zeal the Patriots were going nowhere with Cam Newton at quarterback.

We were right about that.

Mac Jones looks to be the real thing.

He is not Tom Brady, but then, there only is one GOAT.

Jones throws the ball like a rocket. He has pinpoint aim guided by great reflexes and he is able to stand in the pocket ala Brady and complete passes at a high level of success.

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On second thought

Maybe the Patriots will have a good year after all with their new and talented young quarterback, Mac Jones.

Jones was a great college star at Alabama who set national passing records for one of the great college football teams in America.

That means something as he takes over the leadership position with the Patriots.

Mac Jones is not Tom Brady. There is, after all, only one GOAT.

But Mac Jones has 25 years on Brady.

He is at the start of his run. Brady is coming to the end of his run.

This is fact, not fiction.

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Patriots going nowhere with Newton


As former Patriot’s GOAT Tom Brady prepares for another run at the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots are going through the agonizingly painful motions of beginning another season without a quarterback capable of winning a championship.

That’s the major fact of life about the Patriots again this year.

With Cam Newton at the head of the offense, the Pats don’t have a chance of winning the division or of competing for the big prize, a visit to the Super Bowl.

It is a sad fact of reality that the Pats will be an average NFL competitor this year.

While Brady will remain superlative, the Pats will sink again without a great star leading the team.

How did it come to this?

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The Patriots and Tom Brady

As one year ends and another begins, we have to live with the detritus following Tom Brady’s departure and the failure of the Patriots to recover from that.

Brady has gone on to new heights with the Buccaneers. They are heading into the playoffs. They have gone to the sky with Brady at the helm of the offense.

How could it have been any other way when you think about it?

We wish the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) a Super Bowl victory!

How sweet that would be…for the Buccaneers and for those of us who miss Brady?

As for the Patriots…the season has been like a death march.

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Patriot’s glory days were a sight to behold

Remarkable two decade Dynasty ends


The Patriots lost on Sunday.

In the red zone, in a potential game-winning position with 37 seconds left on the game clock, quarterback Cam Newton fumbled the ball, helping cement yet another New England loss.

Which team (Bills) the Patriots lost to and the final score (27-24) means nothing in this story, though.

The latest loss, the Pats fourth straight, hasn’t been a thing since they dropped four in a row back in 2002.

Incidentally, via that factoid, we are pulled back in time enough to evoke memories of just one year before that, the 2001 season — the year the New England Patriots football dynasty began in earnest with a guy they call Tom Brady.

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