Zappe Come, Zappe Go

By Lorenzo Recupero

Surely there’s an ongoing discussion gong down in the New England Patriots’ executive offices following the dominant 38-15 win over the Cleveland Browns Sunday afternoon.

Patriots rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe against the Cleveland Browns.

You won’t hear it from Bill Belichick in any report or post-game presser, but there IS a quarterback controversy brewing in Foxborough, MA.

And if rookie QB Bailey Zappe continues playing like he has over the past three games, his success may spill over and carry him into the starting gig for the Patriots.

In the win over Cleveland, Zappe’s third game under center and second as a starter, he put up 309 yards through the air to go with two touchdown passes. He completed 24 of 34 pass attempts to cap a phenomenal performance in which he earned a quarterback rating of 118.40.

Now, to gain some perspective on just how special his latest effort was, let’s compare Zappe’s last start to recent performances from a couple NFL legends. On Sunday, Tom Brady (87.8) and Aaron Rodgers (73.8) both combined for a lower rating (80.80) in their losses, respectively.

Week 6 in the NFL was like a revealing of the new guard, chain of command in the league in some regards and Zappe led the charge.

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The Patriots, again

The Patriots lost convincingly.

What to make of it?

First, we would remind Pats fans and our readers that the NFL season is a long run. Nothing is settled for sure after three games. What is certain is this – the Pats don’t presently have their act together.

Too many mistakes. Too many interceptions and turnovers and penalties.

And now Mc Jones is a question mark after hopping off the field like a rabbit with a sprained ankle.

If you listen to talk radio, there was a great discussion about what was wrong with this last Pat’s game.

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The Patriots

The Patriot’s victory Sunday came as a pleasant surprise to New England football fans who had been led to believe that the Patriots were done following their first game loss of this new season.

We would like to think that Sunday’s win would put a muffler on the noise coming from sports talk radio hosts and newspaper sports columnists insisting that the Pat’s win was a disappointment.

It could have been a better game.

The Pats could have won by more.

Even though the Pats won, all is not well.

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The Patriots

The Patriots are off to a bad start.

The 20-7 opening loss was drudgery to watch. We can only imagine what awaits the Pats as the season moves into week two.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady, the GOAT, won his opener convincingly. He remains looking like a stud and a player capable of heading into the Super Bowl again.

Which brings to mind once again – how did the Krafts let Brady get away.

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Tom Brady Retiring

It is official.

Tom Brady, the GOAT, the undisputed greatest quarterback of all time, has retired.

The best thing about this for all of us who love Tom Brady is that we never have to watch him play in a Buccaneers uniform again!

Watching him play for the Buccaneers was as cruel as it gets for New England football fans who love Brady and the Patriots.

We ask again and again, how did Bob Kraft let this happen? Does he care?
Sure he does.

Now he doesn’t have to watch Brady anymore playing for the Buccaneers.

That must be a good feeling for Kraft. But what about Brady?

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