A Power Point Performance

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By Lorenzo Recupero 

The New England Patriots laid out the blueprint for how to quiet the naysayers on Sunday.

In the fashion of true greatness, the Patriots pulled a 180 in just one week, quickly turning around dismal play on both sides of the ball while reminding us all who they are: the NFL’s sole dynasty.

The, 38-7, dismantling of the Miami dolphins (3-1), who were one of only a few remaining undefeated teams in the league, serves as proof that the Patriots are back on the right track – and at the least, still the team to beat in the AFC East.

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Patriot Problems

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The New England Patriots are off to a 1-2 start. Is the dynasty coming to an end?

By Lorenzo Recupero

Public service announcement for all local football fans: What you saw from the New England Patriots this past weekend was NOT a mirage.

This team looks bad. Really bad.

In the, 26-10, loss to the Detroit Lions, the Patriots (1-2) defense couldn’t find the sideline any faster than team owner Josh Kraft moves across it at pregame warmups, and the offense looked like my 8 year-old son was mic’d up calling the plays.

And to think, our savior (Josh Gordon) is a chronic drug abuser that hasn’t had a truly productive or meaningful season as a player since his breakout performances five seasons ago makes this crisis all the more real — and scary.

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