Because Of Port Area Restrictions, Revolution Stadium Not A Slam Dunk

It is difficult to imagine the redevelopment of an industrial district in Everett could lead to an entirely new neighborhood situated next to the LNG facility shown above.

By Josh Resenk

No one in their right mind from Everett would consider keeping the waterfront across from the Encore Casino and Hotel a polluted, industrial wasteland as it is today, as opposed to a Revolution soccer stadium and expanded development of entertainment venues along the Everett shoreline.

However there is something called the law, and an endless set of archaic and convoluted rules and regulations about designated port areas that could impact the redevelopment of this key Everett property.

In a major look at that situation by the Boston Globe in its Monday edition, two significant conflicting elements were brought to light.

First, the sale of the 45 acre site by Constellation, the owner of the former power plant and its towering chimneys, is moving forward as though there are no impediments.

However, the Globe has correctly pointed out that this transformational development opportunity on Boston’s doorstep- with room for labs, office, multifamily housing, stores, and maybe even a hotel or two, could be held back.


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Everett soccer star makes pro debut

Revs II player Isaie Louis of Everett.

15-year-old Isaie Louis recently took to the pitch, for the Revolution II soccer team in a match against the Chattanooga Red Wolves, making his professional debut.

Louis became the youngest player to make an appearance for the Revolution franchise and is the 19th to do so this season. He also is the 12th player current or former Revs Academy to take the field as a pro.

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