A History Of Everett Athletes In The National Football League

*Prior to the inaugural NFL Draft in 1936, teams were allowed to pick available players on a waivers system.

1920, Ray Trowbridge — Cleveland Tigers 1920, Fred Sweetland — Akron Pros 1920, George Brickley — Cleveland Tigers 1920, Pike Johnson — Akron Pros

1920, Al Pierotti — Akron Pros

1929, Art Dorfman — Buffalo Bisons

1934, Johnny Dell Isola – New York Giants

1945, Mario Gianelli — Boston Yanks (round 20, pick 201)

1946, Rudy Ramboli — Boston Yanks (undrafted)

1950, Ralph Pasquariell — Los Angelas Rams (round 1, pick 9)

1960, Rick Sapienza— New York Titans (expansion team)

1960, Robert Marques — New York Titans (expansion team)

1967, Bobby Leo – Boston Patriots (7th round, pick 180)

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A View From The Sideline

By Lorenzo Recupero

Legendary former Everett High School Head Coach John DiBiaso has coached-up many great athletes during his numerous super bowl victories at the helm for the Crimson Tide.

In his final act as head coach at EHS, he helped lead newly-drafted NFL athletes Lewis Cine and Isaiah Likely to back-to-back state championships as teammates in 2016 and 2017.

That’s why watching the duo get picked in the NFL’s 2022 draft class is no surprise to DiBiaso.

“Cine is extremely gifted,” said DiBiaso, who recalled a conversation with Boston Herald reporter Danny Ventura during Cine’s freshman year at EHS in which he declared Cine had a chance to make it to the NFL. “It got a few laughs at the time, but I saw [greatness] then,” said Dibiaso. “Cine is extremely fast, with cat-like reflexes,” he said.

Isaiah Likely garnered equal praise from his former coach.

“He has tremendous potential,” said DiBiaso. “He has such great hands. I don’t think I ever saw him drop a pass, not in practice or in a game,” said Dibs while likening Likely’s skillset to that of another EHS alum turned NFL star, Dan Ross, who was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals.

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From EHS to NFL

By Lorenzo Recupero

Lewis Cine

The National Football League 2022 Draft culminated on but not without some of Everett High’s brightest football stars being picked for their chance to shine in the big leagues.

Everett alumni Lewis Cine and Isaiah Likely, former teammates and back-to-back Division 1 State Champions in 2016 and 2017, were both called for their opportunity at the next level.

Cine, a hard-hitting safety who helped the Georgia Bulldogs win a national championship in January, was a highly touted defensive prospect and was grabbed in the first round (32 overall) by the Minnesota Vikings. Pegged as a brilliant and pleasant young man with the smarts to lead any defense, the Vikings are said to have signed Cine for just over 12.4 million dollars, which means they realize what he will bring to their organization. His NFL Combine performance of 6.57 three-cone is one of the fastest in Combine history, and it ranks in the 97th percentile, which makes his services a real weapon for the Vikings. His speed and down-hill aggression make him a fearsome defender, especially in blitzing situations.

Likely, a big and speedy tight-end that opened eyes while at Coastal Carolina, was picked in the fourth round (139 overall) by the Baltimore Ravens.

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Brady Coming Back

Tom Brady retired about 44 days ago. He announced Monday he is coming back!

The GOAT has barely been away and now he is returning in triumph and glory to make another run for the biggest prize in football.

Fans across the nation may not be delighted at the news, but those of us who have followed Brady all the time everywhere for the past two decades in New England are, frankly, extremely pleased that he has changed his mind.

Then again, maybe he never meant to retire.

Some sports columnists believe Brady did a fake retirement to cause a fuss when he announced he was coming back.

If this was the GOAT’s strategy, it worked.

Brady coming back heightens the interest in pro football.

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The Super Bowl

Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth can talk the hind legs off a donkey. They did just that during the Super Bowl game Sunday. Collingsworth must have needed oxygen after listening to himself talk for about 4 hours.

When the Rams won, Collingsworth called the game the greatest ever and went on and on with hyped superlatives that frankly was capable of causing incontinence in most of us.

Sunday’s contest between the Rams and the Bengals was not the greatest Super Bowl game ever played.

It wasn’t even close.

The game featured two winning NFL teams at the very best level of play they are capable of in the one game where we all expect to be dazzled by sports heroics.

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