— Eye on Everett —

Editor Josh Resnek and the best known and most influential piece of dress up clothing being worn in Everett for the past decade discuss everything about the city, its past, present and future. The Blue Suit remains one of the best known personalities in the city. Let’s face it, how many suits have a personality? Good question, isn’t it. How many suits live and breathe, talk and walk and love to eat? The only one I know is the Blue Suit, my good friend and sidekick every Tuesday.


We met for lunch at Oliveira’s in Everett Square Tuesday right at noon.

As usual, Oliveira’s was spotlessly clean with the buffet looking mighty tasty and the meats being grilled on racks at the end of the walkway.

Sirloin, chicken, sausage and lamb on large skewers turned round and round broiling brilliantly, smelling brilliant, and dripping profusely their natural essence.

“Oh boy,” the Blue Suit said almost clapping his hands. “I am so hungry you can’t believe it.”

“I can believe it. I do believe it. I know you. I pay for you. I often go broke for the day trying to treat you to lunch,” I replied.

The Blue Suit handed two plates to the man behind the counter. “Fill them up, please,” the Blue Suit told him.
‘What do you want?” the Portuguese man manning the grill counter asked the Blue Suit.

“Wait a minute. Don’t I know you?” the counter man asked the Blue Suit. “Haven’t I seen you around city hall?”

“Yes,” the Blue Suit replied. “That’s me. I’ve met you two or three times but I was too busy to talk.”

“What will it be Mr. Blue Suit?” the counter man asked.

“How about some sirloin?”

The Blue Suit smacked his lips.

“Yeah. Cut me about a dozen slices of really rare sirloin with extra fat on it if you can,” the Blue Suit asked him.

The counter man took a skewer of sirloin. With a sharp knife, he sliced about a dozen portions of fatty, rare sirloin.

“Anything else?” he asked the Blue Suit.

Oh yes,” the Blue Suit replied. “I’ll have a half dozen pieces of sausage.”

The counter man took a skewer of sausage from the grill stack. He removed six sausages. He placed them neatly side by side, next to the sliced sirloin on the first plate.

“Should I get lamb?” the Blue Suit asked the grill man.

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Oliveira’s Delivers Amazing Plates Of DeliciousTreats

A vegan plate and a beef plate at Oliveira’s. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Again and again I am knocked out by what a great treat eating at Oliveira’s can be.

Whether it is beef, chicken, sausage or lamb from the grille or simply a plate of vegetarian treats, Oliveira’s satisfies every time.

I don’t eat much beef anymore. That’s more than you all need to know. However, I stopped eating beef about four years ago. I am better for it – and you would be too.

But then comes those days when I am feeling that I need some beef and mashed potatoes, salad and Brazilian rolls and mashed potatoes.

That’s when I find myself in Everett Square at Oliveira’s.

If you haven’t tried it out, you should.

The place is immaculate. The help is attentive and polite, and obviously there is something completely Brazilian about the place – from flat screen TV’s broadcasting soccer to young Brazilian beauties rushing about waiting on tables or weighing up your plate.

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Mass Badge To Honor Wilton Rangel With Courageous Award

Mass BADGE Board of Directors have unanimously voted Wilton Rangel as this year’s recipient of the 2022 Courageous Award, which recognizes the extraordinary courage, resilience, and strength of our community partners.

The award ceremony will take place during Mass BADGE’s 25th Anniversary Black Tie Gala on October 8th , 2022 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston.

Rangel, owner of the popular Everett Brazilian restaurant, Oliveira’s Steak Bar & Grill for more than a decade, unfortunately tragically lost his restaurant to fire in 2021. Despite the total loss of his business, Rangel showed immense courage to overcome his hardship by continuing to support his displaced employees and the Everett community during the pandemic.

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Outdoor Dining

The outdoor dining venues that have popped up all over the city and especially in and around Everett Square give the city’s downtown environment a badly needed entertainment style boost.

The outdoor dining areas operated by Oliveiras, the 8/10 Restaurant on Norwood Street, and the Everett Square Deli, are exactly the type of new dining possibilities outside that give added life and a panache to a city now welcoming thousands of new residents in the many modern apartment houses that have been built and which are now going up.

We have noted some complaints by those who question the efficacy of the outside dining venues as though they are mismanaged efforts at clogging up the streets and sidewalks and ruining the bus lanes now stretching throughout the city’s main thorough-fares.

We urge those people offended or even disturbed by the presence of outdoor dining to embrace this as part of the new Everett going up all around us.

Eating outdoors during the late spring, summer and fall months gives the city an entirely different look and feel.

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Oliveira’s Better Than Ever in the Square

By Josh Resnek

Before the snow began falling Friday night I stopped in to Oliveira’s in the Square for a late lunch with a friend.

What a lunch it turned out to be!

Most of you living in Everett who eat out every now and then know Oliveira’s.

It is Brazilian food and atmosphere and at its very best in Everett.

The Everett Square location is the restaurant’s reincarnation following the fire several months back at its well known location just beyond Glendale Square.

That location will be torn down and rebuilt into an extraordinary restaurant and living residences above with parking all around.

Better yet, the Everett Square restaurant will remain open for business.

Let’s get down to business.

About lunch.

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